Busy busy busy

Hi everyone, Don’t you just love it when the forum is as busy as it is today…makes my day when we can chatter about all sorts! Love to you all, Nina x

Hello Nina,

I agree. In fact it’s worth posting just to say hello. So er…Hello!

Steve x

Hello Steve!! Nina x

Hello Nina and Steve

Pam x

Hi Pam!! Nina x

Whoopps I did a New York New york!

Hello Steve and everyone else infact THE WHOLE WORLD

A little Roald Dahl Quote from my Pinterest site I loved it so much I thought you guys would too http://www.pinterest.com/pin/308426274453847430/

I try and smile because it confuses people Now my thoughts will need to be adjusted


Hi everyone, hope you’re enjoying your Sunday. And I love it too when people post.

Cath xx

Hi all… it’s like we’re having a ppms board party! Pat xx :slight_smile:

Hello all my virtual buddies, enjoy our party, get the streamers, balloons and party hats out!

Pam x

Hi All, It’s very busy on here today. Are you not watching the golf? It’s getting very exciting. Go Rory!!! The Commonwealth Games next week. I am in sport heaven. Mags xx

Don pop down to the offy and get the booze in… Pat xx

Fizzy pop will be fine for me Don thanks! Nina x

I’ll provide crisps and nuts xx

Sorry I’m late, hi everyone. I’m in a state of being officially dead pleased! Since I packed in doing violin repairs I’ve been trying to find a way to get rid of all my stock. Finally achieved that today, I’ve passed it on to a good friend who’s running a similar one man show to me. He’s just dropped in and virtually cleaned out all my stuff. Yes-haa!

That’s a brilliant reason to be late Kev… now grab a glass… you’ve given us another reason to celebrate. Cheers! Pat xx

Well done Kev…so much better when you no longer have to look at stuff that reminds you of what you can no longer do! Nina x

Champagne shortly for Someone in the Golf I dont drink (He lies) but I am happy to get some virtual booze in for this party

Well done Kev, one less thing to worry about and you know where it is going