summer treat drinks

So little while ago I was treated to a night off and went to the harvester. I ordered a strawberry pimms, well I fell in love it was gorgeous. Ever since I have been trying to make it at home and today after many failed attempts I have finally made it! It is so yummy and made with fresh strawberrys. I can finally relax now and certainly will be tonight. Anyone else have any refreshing pimms secrets. Or what else is a lovely summers drink? Xxx

I once poured coke into a pimms by mistake instead of lemonade and it was lovely infact husband prefers it with coke. i always enjoy a pint of shandy larger or beer i dont mind when its warm and a glass of fizz with pimms in is very nice too but i get too giggly with fizz goes striaght too my head. Enjoy whatever it is you fancy and heres too more nice weather. Katy

Iced coffee. Small amount of strong coffee, sugar to taste, ice, vanilla ice cream, top up with milk. yummy.

Home made elderflower cordial with still or fizzy water… mind would be nice in some prosecco!!


I love Pimms but it is sooooo expensive. Try the Aldi or Lidl equivalents at about a third of the price - make a pretty good substitute, I think. One is called Jeeves and the other one is Austin or something like that, but I can never remember which one goes with which shop!

Yes, The Aldi version of Pimms -Austin is just like the real thing. l make my own Elderflower cordial and champagne - but this year the heavy rain has spoiled the blossom just when it was ready to pick.

Elderflower cordial sounds lovely. We made some blackberry and apple gin last year which we are slowly drinking our way through. I am having dizziness / balance problems at the moment so have to be a bit careful with having a drink as I feel I am starting from a couple up already

I like Pimms but I also enjoy fruit ciders, especially Rekorderlig or Kopparberg strawberry and lime flavour. Cheers!

Don’t know the price of pimms at Lidl or Aldi but it’s on rollback in Asda at £9 at the monent. As for favourite drink it has to be Bailey’s & Tia Maria over crushed ice & if I’m feeling naughty I top it with fresh double cream (I believe it’s called an orgasm) blushes :slight_smile: But for now it’s a nice cold larger top :slight_smile:

I got very drunk on Baileys many, many years ago ( took some doing ) and had the worse hangover known to modern man. Can’t face the thought of it now!

My favourite is called a kiwi ( only because somebody from New Zealand told me of it). It’s a small measure of creme de menthe topped carefully with a large measure of bailies (cold n poured in over a teaspoon) then an ice cube once you’ve admired the layers x

Nevee had pimms until I went to the harvester that day, but before that my favourite was malibu with coke but most refreshing with pineapple! Was looking for the aldi version as their malibu is just as good as the brand version. So thank you very much for that will definitely be getting their pimms alike. Thank you. All your suggestions are making me want to open my own drinks bar in the garden. Best have a drinks party. Must say though the fruit ciders are a great choice too. Too many to chose from best I try all of your suggestions. … not in the same day, that would be a nasty hang over lol xx

Not specifically a summer drink, but there’s a cocktail that my husband and I both enjoy that we refer to as “mostly milk” because, well, it is mostly milk! A measure each of vodka, kahlua or Tia Maria and Baileys in a tall glass, topped up with milk. His has amaretto in as well but I can’t stand the stuff.

Mine is an iced coffee please with ice cream and milk.

I also have cereal with a scoop of ice cream in the bowl first…love iced anything due to being always overheated.