The night shift.

Once more I write this in the wee small hours.

I really thought I’d have an early night tonight. Last night I stayed awake for the Olympic swimming but tonight I have no excuse. Here’s to the night shift. (Time to raid the fridge?)

Best wishes, Steve.


Hope you sleep tonight Steve.

I have friends staying from the US so couldn’t sleep because my routine is out. Isn’t that sad? Anything new or different in my life and I can’t sleep at all.

Hey ho…

Pat xx

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Hi Steve

Unfortunately, I know that feeling only too well, hope tonight is better for you.

My mind goes into overdrive instead of sleep, and I lay there and think about things I plan to do tomorrow, like cleaning cupboards, tidying wardrobes etc, which in reality never happens, because when tomorrow comes, due to lack of sleep, I feel like a wet rag!

Pam x