Over the wall.

It has taken four whole days but I think I can face tomorrow with some sense of renewewd vigour.

When you’re at the wall just sit down and wait. A full freezer helps.

Best wishes, Steve.


Glad to hear you have returned. Anne X


Well Anne.

Last night, I fell asleep on the sofa and woke up at 5.30. After scrambling into my pit, I emerged at 11.30.

I must have needed it. My when I can I will mantra now needs an appendage; when I need to I must. One should not admonish oneself for doing what we need to.

Best wishes, Steve


I’m glad that you are feeling a bit better Steve, There is nothing wrong with falling asleep on the sofa, our sofa is only a 2 seater so its not very comfortable, but i’ve fallen asleep in front of the fire many times, i always feel confused as to where i am if i fall into a deep sleep, i don’t have deep sleeps often, needing the toilet always deprives me of deep sleep.

Are you off on anymore adventures ? The weather is against us now. My 13 year old wants me to meet her after school and go to the outlet village, i don’t feel a bit like it i just want to hibernate the thought of going out on a dark cold night on public transport makes me shudder.

Michelle x

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Glad you are getting there Steve, onwards and upwards.

Pam x

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