two AM and wide awake

Suffering in silence again. Well it’s what us men do, we never kick up a fuss do we.

I just thought I would mention it to let people know how much I am suffering

Heee heee

X Don

I slept all day and I do mean slept Heather has been out with our eldest daughter leaving me in bed. I am now watching the Allotment Challenge I live near some allotments and in years past I had one but I think all that is behind me now.

I am actually feeling tired and I never woke up untill 5:00pm


Hope you have a better night tonight Don.

Pam x

Hi Don, great blog! Yep it’s no wonder you got indigestion after that lot!

I did like the mental picture of the family around the table and your girls reverting to kids. Lovely.

Hope you’re sleeping better now you’re back onto normal food! The very mention of Stilton gives me acid!

Pat xx

Sounds like a wonderful meal Don!

sorry you had to pay the price for it, hope your back on track now and will have a good night tonight.

Happy New Year to you and Heather.

Love Nina x

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It’s natural to hibernate in the deep dark days, Don. I’m doing it too. Luckily I usually sleep well at night, from around 10pm to 8am with little windows to have a pee, drink some water and wake Ruth to help me turn.

Finally downstairs for breakfast by ten-ish ( any one for ten-ish?) then I often doze again for an hour, and again for an hour or two after lunch. Maybe a little snooze before tea. Like a bad tempered bear in a cave, with a cosy fleece blanket and my hoodie hood up.

Anyway, hope you’re feeling better now.


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Hi Guys it was fun and as usual I end up paying by sleeping extra but its always worth it. The Kids behave worse than the Grandsons at times it is hard to tell who the adults are.

I was about early today Kev awake just after six but well after ten before eating breakfast which I promptly spilt all down me, I now have a tabard which we put on to catch the spoils of the war with me and food. I often sit in the wheelchair with a blanket over my head Heather recons I am like a budgie she puts me to sleep in my cage.

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Ha-ha!!! A budgie in a cage and a bear in a cave. We could start a zoo!



Can anyone help me on how to unstiffen my bloody legs when i wake up

Hi, im sorry not sure but a warm bath always turns mine to jelly, I hope you can find some answers, we all have different things that help.

Take care Michelle