Candy Crush indigestion and me

I run out of lives so wrote some rubbish on my blog

It’s day light now but Heathers asleep so I can’t open the curtains. The fun of MS.


I hope you manage to catch up on some sleep Don so you can enjoy the time with your friends.

Happy Candy Crushing


I had a rare night out last night so didn’t get to bed till 1.30, I’m still there now taking my time waking up and starting the day.

Hope you have an indigestion free day.

Jan x

Hope you enjoyed candy crush Don, the hours to of darkness during the night always seem endless when you can’t sleep.

Hope today is a good one.

Pam x

I had to stop playing it as was so addicted!!! I would never ever go on one of those bingo or gambling sites. I would bankrupt myself within a few hours!

I woke with a jolt at 1.45. Boiling hot and covered with sweat… horrible Utthoffs so I was very dizzy and blurry vision and big pins sticking in my back… whole body vibrating. Took hours to get back to sleep.

What fun!

Wishing us all a better night tonight.

Pat xx

I’m getting quite attached (addicted) to a jigsaw app, if anyone’s interested the one I use is a free app called magic puzzles.

Hope everyone has a nice weekend.

Jan x

Oh that infernal indigestion. As soon as I wake for a toilet stop it comes screaming at me. I keep a good supply of those rennie type things by the bed which seem to work for me. But half the time when I wake up for no reason the sheer effort of rolling over, making some effort to sit up and fighting that bloomin’ foil packaging can be too much. It needs toilet urgency to get me moving.

I don’t do the Candy Crush thing but I’m a bit hooked on playing the Nexus at scrabble. It passes a dull hour or two.

Best wishes, Steve.

Steve it’s one of the lesser known symptoms of MS.

Ask your GP for Lansoprazole. You take one capsule when you wake up and don’t eat anything for half an hour. Your life will then be indigestion free! It’s like magic!

Pat xx

Oh and another tip for you Steve…fellow Scrabble lover… try Word Chums. It’s brilliant.

Pat xx

Don, I thought you were on Lansoprazole? You should ask GP to increase the dose.

Great blog!

Pat xx

Yet another thing I hadn’t associated with ms, indigestion! Mega load of meds so guess its to do with that? Unfortunately antacids are not recommended either so just put up with it. Strange enough I haven’t got the energy or willpower to go to gp’s surgery. Love Sue x

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Hello Sue, After years of struggling I finally got my GP to visit me at home. I checked with him first=you could do it via a telephone appointment. Now it’s established with the surgery It can be a permanent arrangement.

Best wishes, Steve

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I am on lanzoprozole and another med before meals but joy of joys I still suffer. It is another cross to bear in this MS rollercoaster. Glad people like the blog I spend so much time on the PC I find it helps fill my day to write stuff.

Love to you all XXXDon

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Great blog as always Don!

Hope you were up to enjoying your visitors?

Nina x

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Thanks Nina, we are all enjoying them. They are here all week I keep telling them to go back home but they just keep on staying just to spite me. They made me eat fillet steak tonight, trying to butter me up but I keep playing hard to get.



Fillet steak Don!!

It’s only 09:50 and yah got my taste buds going-yum yum ​​



Pat xx

It’s odd reading your comments, because you all seem to know each other so I guess you’ve been on sometime. I’m new to the forum, although diagnosed some 7 years ago. I’ve always been a little reluctant with these things, but good that everyone seems to be out there supporting each other. And some people get fillet steak…

ive just bought Easter eggs now must try not to eat them as they’re for other people.

have a lovely day out there in ms land x

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Hi Slug

Welcome to the forum, lots of lovely people here, always willing to listen and offer advice where they can.

Look forward to seeing you here again, by the way I have put my grandchildrens Easter eggs in the back of the cupboard, that way I hope I won’t be tempted.

Pam x

Thanks Pam

knowing eggs are there is temptation enough.

and sometimes you need chocolate, but not today, all is good. Xx