If sleep really was the best cure

I should be cured coz all I am ever doing is sleeping.

Don if only it were true… I sometimes hit what I call a downer and sleep solidly for up to 16 hours which would be fab if I didn’t wake up stiff as a board and unable to climb out of bed. Imagine if that restored my health, I’d be 25 again!!! Instead I feel like a hungover geriatric with arthritis in every joint. There again, too little sleep and I end up with sleep paralysis. There’s no winning with ms is there?

Cath x

Oh Don, that would be wonderful if it was true, we would all be dancing in the street!

Pam x

Patrick the local vicar has just left called in to see me having telephoned on Friday awaking me from a nineteen hour stint asleep his words to me went like this " are you awake now and am I going to get any sense out of you"

Still we have put the world to rites and drunk coffee and I have sent him on his way refreshed and smiling from my marvellous jokes.

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Hello Don, I’m currently on three hours a night sleep. It’s been like that for about five months now and the old fatigue is a real bind. As you (and we all) say, there is no working out why or how we may be affected and how such affectations develop and change.

Somehow coffee with the vicar doesn’t seem right-you don’t get the opportunity to ask “more tea vicar?”

Best wishes, Steve.

Steve Like me he prefers coffee and we are both coffee snobs. He is a great mate, more than a vicar. My brother is about most days about three thirty in the morning and cat naps during the day, we phone each other in the afternoons to check if the other is sleeping. The answer normally I was but I had to wake up to answer the phone!!! its the only fun we get. In fact I can feel a phone call coming on.

Steve you must be wrecked on 3 hours a night! Is it because you’re not tired, just unable to get to sleep, uncomfortable or in pain? Surely the doctors can prescribe something to help as that can’t be healthy for anyone, especially you with ms.

Cath x