Sleeping beauty

anyone caring for someone with ms feel same as me that they watch their partner sleeping more often than they are awake lol.
Just come to hotel in Wales little break I’m dying for a wee and a cuppa but frightened to disturb as know later will be awful for him if no rest.

Hi Polly,

My Zzz’s always came second to my wife Kym’s, I’d sleep, then wake up, listen to her sleep pattern for a few moments to check she was OK, then nod off again! Kym slept heavily with the pills at night, so I knew I could get up and not disturb her but in the morning, I’d get up and she’d wake up with me and I’d say ‘you can go off to sleep again Kym, its only me that has to get up, you go back to sleep again!’ I’d often wonder did she escape her MS in her dreams, was that a world in which her MS didn’t exist or at least wasn’t so life-orientating … I hope you were able to have a rewarding break in Wales …

Best, Matt

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Aww you sound so compassionate and caring. I try my best but sometimes feel bit sad and fed up for hubby too.

My wife is the same not sure she sleeps when she goes back to bed around ten - eleven am but I feel even if she just rest it is good. She stays in bed till around twopm