I am like sleeping beauty

Yep virtually slept for two days solid and now been awake since four o’clock.

Don’t you just love it. MS is such fun ( said in best Mirranda voice )


I hope Prince Charming doesn’t come along and expect you to marry him

Jan x

I think Prince Charming would have to battle with Heather!

Nina x

Yes I’m like a light switch just now, it’s like I’m joining in conversation, then … Nope I’m gone, I’m asleep again.

such fun MS … Said no one ever lol

Polly xxx

Hello Don.

The sleep thing. In an ideal world, we would just sleep when we felt like it and the rest of the world would function around us. But no! I get elbowed for snoozing on the couch and tutted at for four AM restlessness. Still my wife plays a blinder every day so I do my best to fit in with her more conventional world. Our two year old daughter prefers long nights of sleep as well-all in favour of that!

Personally I blame the time of year. We spent a small fortune on a decent mattress recently so now i can lie awake in some comfort.

All the best, Steve.