The elusive good night's rest.


My usual sleepless phase occurs in late Autumn. It didn’t happen this time so I thought I’d got away with it. No such luck. It’s manifested itself as a nice early year treat. Is the obvious answer sleeping pills? I worry about sleeping too deeply when I need a call of nature. I don’t drink a great deal but it’s like I do. It’s never a problem getting off to sleep. The problem starts with the first necessary toilet break. You’d be surprised at the imaginary discussions I have with myself about the development of western music or the education of children.

It’s not the worst of symptoms because I have a warm comfortable flat with a warm comfortable bed, but I’m just wondering what anyone else does. Dull but dry here in East Sussex today.

Best wishes, Steve.

Steve I don’t take anything to help me sleep now but only because I’m on a bucket load of meds. I’m fortunate enough to be able to get up, have a cuppa, read for a bit before going back to bed. The worst thing for me to do is go to bed before I’m really tired, so I stay up until then. Playing video games is not good either as the brain doesn’t wind down, watching tv is okay as I’ll doze off doing that, but not while in bed, bed is for sleep!! Are you worried about anything which is preventing you to sleep?

I used Nytol (similar herbal meds are available) as it doesn’t make you sleep deeply, it just helps you relax enough to doze off, so you do wake up for the loo if you need it and I never woke up feeling hung over from it like I did from other drugs. Are you in pain or having restless legs or physical symptoms keeping you up? If so you should speak to your nurse or gp as they could help there.

Don’t know if that’s helpful at all but it is very unpleasant being unable to sleep, it gets me down and irritable. Hope you find something that suits you.

Cath x

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Little trouble sleeping here, thank goodness. I read when I get to bed and when I get to the eyelids drooping stage (approx two minutes or so!) I ask Ruth to put me on my side and tuck me in. Lights out- me, I mean

I have stage sometime between 1 and 3 am when I wake, get myself onto my back and pee if I need to (bottle). Occasionally I fail to get back to sleep at this point. So like you Steve, I either scheme grand schemes or in extremis put on my headphones and listen to Radio 3 or 4Extra. This gets me through to 6-ish. Then of course I’m fast asleep and unsaleable (I meant unwakeable but was amused by that predictive text slip ) at our usual waking time.

My alternative strategy to getting back to sleep is to try to stay awake. I stare at the ceiling and try to keep my eyes open. When I feel them closing I force them open. There comes a point where I can’t be sure whether they are open or not (our room is very dark). A few more opens and gradual closes and I’m gone. Or if not- get the dab radio out.


Hello Steve, Its a problem that i have too, and recently it been getting worse, I constantly need the loo even after iv’e just been. I have a commode in the bedroom …yeah its embarrassing i keep it covered with a lovely throw and cushion. I’m at the hospital later today so will tell them that i think the meds have stopped working. i’d love to have a good sleep but when your up 10 times or more its impossible.

Its a beautiful day in Frodsham, its very clear, I can see Liverpool airport from the window.

Michelle & Frazer xx