The music of life


May I present a rather ostentatious grandiloquent account of the sounds around us. Such frivolous frippery may seem too trite for some but this is how I get through my days. Full fitness and full time employment would never allow me to do such a thing. It’s one way I have of erring on the side of the positive.

Best wishes, hope everyone is well.


Thanks Steve, I thoroughly enjoyed going through your day in the term of music, I could really imagine being there amongst it.

I so fancy doing the wheelchair waltz, or any wheelchair dancing come to that, I used to enjoy dancing so much.

I too hear the music blasting out the cars doing the school run, and often wonder how on earth do they cope as it must be so loud inside the car. Last week I even noticed one Mum in her PJ’s and dressing gown delivering her little one to school!

Pam x