Classical Music.


The learning curve on blogging continues. This one has omitted the pictures. I have no idea why.

I thought it might be useful for one of those bored moments in our life. It’s one way of doing some exporation and discovery armed with little more that a piece of humble technology.

Cheers, Steve.

Thanks Steve. I listen to a lot of different types of music depending on how I’m feeling, I’m not keen on metal, heavy rock, jazz or blues but other than that my music collection should not belong to one person, unless confused, which I suppose I qualify as. I usually listen to 80’s stuff which was my era when I’m cleaning etc but I’ll definitely give your selections a listen when I have the time to relax and wind down. I agree with your views on radio stations, really annoying.

Cath x

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I listen to radio 6 a lot and radio 4 extra but very rarely listen to classical music I have imusic on the computer and can find all manner of ancient music from my youth.I have commented on your blog under my WordPress name kentallinoneplace a few times so that’s me if you wondered who is that idiot.



I loved your choices Steve! My taste is very Catholic from classical to Bob Dylan and Miles Davis in between!

I gave up on the radio sometime ago…I don’t like the voices it seems to fry my brain so I play my choice on my iPad, having said that there are,sadly, days that I just want quiet…no radio, no television and no iPad music!

Well done with the blog!

Take care,

Nina X

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Wonderful blog Steve.

I too love classical music and also get sick of Classic FM and Radio 3. Actually R3 used to be MUCH better! They dumbed themselves down and are now more like Classic FM. So stupid because they had their own audience and Classic FM had their audience, so why they morphed themselves into another popular classics station makes no sense.

Have you tried the Calm Radio app? It’s very good. You can either choose style of music or composer. There are adverts for Calm Radio itself trying to get you to become a member…which is tempting. It doesn’t cost the earth and means you can listen advert-free. Also you can create your own playlists and they have sections of meditative music and natural sounds. For those you need to be a member.

I will listen to your recommendations. Thanks.

Pat xx

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Very interesting links Steve.

I invested in an Internet radio recently, which I love - there are thousands of stations and podcasts from all around the world! I find YouTube good for trying out new music sometimes, like pieces from my favourite composer, Sibelius. This is overwhelmingly beautiful I think:

This is remarkable - Sibelius’ violin concerto played by Vengerov:

And I love this, from my childhood heroine Jacqueline Du Pré, who also developed multiple sclerosis.

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Oh my.

I was going to do a separate blog about Sibelius. At the age of 14 I was allowed to join the local youth orchestras. One of the first pieces I experienced was “The Swan of Tuonela”. That was me hooked. Later we did the second symphony. (It was a good orchestra.) I was a cellist and you can imagine the drama of those incessant repeated phrases in the last movement. I love all the symphonies and tone poems. My wife and I try to get to all performances of the 2nd and 5th at the Southbank. We heard the most mind blowing 5th last year with Ashkenazy and the Philharmonia.

The Du Pre Elgar is just so ethereal. She just breathes it with every note. I’ve had a whole lifetime of music. It has given me so much extra in life itself. Have you tried Rozhdestvensky’s Rachmaninoff’s second symphony with the LSO?

Thanks for the res[onse. Steve.


I love the Swan of Tuonela. I first heard it on the radio and was transfixed within two bars. Listening to Sibelius, I feel like I’ve been plugged into the mains - in a good way. I can imagine it was a lovely experience to play it with an orchestra.

I played the 'cello for a little while in my early teens, but academic studies got in the way of classical music, and I reverted to the fiddle, which I have loved all my life. The Irish fiddler Martin Hayes is a hero. My playing frustrates me so much now. Still, what Martin Hayes says in this video inspires me to keep on playing. He is really such a skillful, sensitive, heartfelt player with a wonderful touch.

Thank you for the tip - I will try that!

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I’ve just listened to all the music links on here and all beautiful.

Thank you that was really lovely.

Pat xx