Let me play.


I have actually created a blog. Please feel free to read it. I can’t help feeling it’s a little indugent but I do need some sort of outcome from the current sleepless nights when my mind’s racing.

Anyway I hope it works. I’m a bit of a novice.

Best wishes, Steve.

(Hi Steve, try this link instead, the one above goes to your login page )


Looking forward to chapter 2 of the story, Steve. It certainly looks as though the blog will be a great outlet for your creativity.

I have the occasional burst of writing myself, but can’t sustain it. Hope you keep your blog going.


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Brilliant Steve,

I hoe you will be inspired to write more.

Michelle x

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You’re a good writer Steve, what a good idea for when you can’t sleep. Just be careful not to deliberately stay awake to write or you’ll turn into an owl and I’m sure the family will make you feel very unpopular!!

Enjoy it.

Cath x


Nice one I feel my blog is the best way of helping me blow off some steam etc.

Sonia x