My blog site

Hi guys I have started a blog site about my experience of MS , I’ve only just started it but would appreciate your feed back.

site is called

thanks Deborah

Will do but it will be later because baby animals are on TV

I can’t open the link Deborah, sorry.

Pam x

Wont open at all sorry


Hi Deborah, fantastic blog really enjoyed it. Looking forward to the next instalment.

ann x

Enjoyed reading your blog Deborah.


just read your blog Deborah, really enjoyed it.

J x

Great blog Deborah,

Nina x

I had one go at reading but to much for me late at night so need to try again later

Thanks Don, your link worked.

Enjoyed reading your blog Deborah, thanks.

Pam x

Thanks Deborah!

Very clear, easy to read and well written. Honest about your life and frustrations.

Well done! It’s a very professional job!

Pat xx

Pat I dispute that its easy to read I tried at 12;30 am and failed

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Enjoyed reading your blog - Deborah. l wondered if the friends you lost contact with had read it - and whether it would bring about a reconciliation.

Deborah love (if thats the right terminology) the blog do try Twitter and Facebook as well to promote the blog and it will increase you cyber circle of friends. Don

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Feel like I’m intruding on this forum. Was told to take a look at your blog. Agree with Pat, well written, easy to read & professional job. Hope your leg gets better soon. Cherry x

Hi guys thank you all for your positive comments, I was hoping that my blog would not only be informative but also humorous, we all have good and bad days so if we can laugh it helps, so please do laugh along with me at some of the silly things that happen in my world.

Lots of love to you all Amazon lady

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Deborah love the Stairlift Post it made me smile. XX Don

Hi hoppity im glad it made you smile If it helps just one person then I’ve done what I hopped I would. Thank you Amazon lady

hi amazon lady

i sneaked on this board like cherry lips did just to read your blog.

you write so well and with so many emotions prompted in the reader.

you good humour stands out a mile.

thank you so much

carole x