Light banter?

Hi folks

Having MS is stressful/painful/depressing/at times unbearable....  I don't want to think about it, does that make any sense?  I need some light banter.  How about some loud cheery music?  I'm thinking 'Bat out of Hell' OR 'We built this city on Rock and Roll - very very loud.  We have Progressive MS 24/7 so how about some light banter..

Take care, M

Yes makes perfect sense!!!


Couldn't think of any light banter (dah) so here's some cute smiley's for you... cool... and wishing you a lovely afternoon...

Pat xx

Light banter mmmm.....lets see who thinks the same as me....


Fed up with X Factor (can any of them actually sing?  Oooh controversial!)

Bored with Strictly Come Dancing (Yikes, could be had up for blasphemy)

Can't wait for I'm a Celebrity (sad, I know, but love it)

Just love Dancing on Ice (Can't get enough of it)


Expecting a backlash, lol!!