The Marmalade

The Marmalade - Reflections Of My Life:

A friend shared this on facebook. Just been listening too it.

Made me feel all warm inside. Yah can’t beat a good oldie for reminiscing on a Saturday morning-the lyrics are beautiful


i went to see “the sounds of the sixties”

the marmalade were on.

the zombies and love affair.

i went with a few friends who are older than me (getting rare).

i hadn’t realised how well i knew their songs. all lyrics came straight back to me.#


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hi, you’ve set me off now not marmalade for me, right now i’m listening to some cat stevens, lady d’arbanville, what to listen to next?


Barry McGuire - Eve of Destruction:

This song was released in 1965.

I used to play it over and over again. I would leave the arm back on my record player.

It is still just as political today.


Procol Harum - A Whiter Shade of Pale, live in Denmark 2006:

Just had to share this last one.

Accompanied by a full orchestra-almost brought me to tears.


julie driscoll - this wheel’s on fire

husband’s all time favourite

Just reading all these posts about the super 60’s - Each one l have gone ‘ARHH’ - as l do remember them all. l did go to a 60’s night at our local theatre last year. lt was Dave Berry - Amen Corner - Merseybeats - etc.[had to put that l can not remember the name of the other artiste.] Anyway - terrific night - the whole audience new every word and sang along. The standing ovations were hilarious - as most of the crowd had difficulty in getting up from their seats. Chris Farlowe- thats who l was trying to remember. They were amazing. Brought back many memories.

Julie Driscoll - Wheels on fire - what a great record.

sorry, but i have to add one from 1970, whippersnapper that i am having been born i '64, Samba Pa Ti, Santana. the very first piece of music that completely floored me. my older sisters copy mysteriously disappeared from her bedroom, fancy that!


I was born in 1956, so straddled the 60/70s.

I like all kinds of music. All depends on my mood.

I remember once thinking I fancy having Katy Perry’s ‘Firework’ song for my final funeral tune.

What a hoot that would cause heeheehee 


That made me chuckle x

i got caught between my 2 older sisters, thankfully, and ended up a bit of a rock fan, but i will give other kinds of music a go. it seems to me that the pussycat dolls song ‘jai ho!’ would be a good send-off song. can i assume that, like me, you’re thinking cremation, we’d make honking great roman candles!


ob la de ob la da

desmond has a barrow in the market place.

as for funeral songs i’m having “spirit” by the waterboys.

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my husband’s funeral song is “comfortably numb” by pink floyd.

​most apt.

“hello, is there anybody in there. knock if you can here me”.

i’m at that age (old) where i find myself talking about lovely funerals

Yes, cremation Wendy. It’s much tidier, cheaper and I’m having no worms and spiders getting at me.

Actually, I once watched a programme about someone’s ashes being set off in a firework rocket. Now, that I fancy

I told my husband if I go before him. Not to dare waste one of my expensive dresses on me. I would be back to haunt him if he did


Just listening to “spirit” waterboys carole…bliss

The whole whole of the Moon!! Used to play that one a lol

Don’t bang the drum!


I wish I could still dance.

I will settle for rocking

yes, i want to ‘go’ in jeans. it’s what i always go back to, a posh frock just wouldn’t be me. my daughter knows this and where to go for my ‘final resting place’, not sure that euphemism is quite right for cremations?! wild wood, by paul weller for the final trip.


i wish i could dance too. i’ve got a reasonable repertoire of rhythmical arm movements now. my kitchen’s so tiny that i can keep my feet rooted to the spot and wiggle about, entertains the hell out of the cats, not! my daughter just says ‘yes, mother…’ and then joins in


Well, I’ve spent most of the day happily listening to 60/70s tunes on you tube.

I feel so young inside-the years have passed so quickly



last party i went to i was dragged up to dance by betty who will not take no for an answer.

betty uses every inch of the dance floor but i was scared of moving my feet.

however i surprised myself by how much i could dance with feet rooted to the spot.

really enjoyed that party