The lost hour

The hour from 2 went back to one.

I went to a Halloween party. Where the night of fake blood, ended with more real blood & real stitches.

Someone got the their hand trapped in a door.

I kept falling & the vampires asked what I was drinking. When I explained MS, the sound of a crypt opening made me laugh.

It was great to see what normal folks do & hear their tales.

I woke with extreme cramps, violent shaking, spasticity & struggling to hold a cup of coffee. The joys of living alone & looking after myself. Not having to explain to folks why I’m struggling, when I don’t know myself. Being made out to be lazy when I can’t even lift my pipe cleaner legs.

Here we go again. More supplements & exercises to do. So someone can claim they are helping. Giving me all my stamina & self belief. Steering clear of the scrounging know it alls.

It’s the day I test the electric bike I’m building, so someone can claim that’s theirs too. When it’s just so I can escape into the countryside & chill out in some fresh air. Miles away from the people that apparently do everything.

Enjoy your day. I will!


Hello Terry , that sounds like a wild party I hope it wasn’t you that got your hand trapped in a door. Your electric bike sounds fantastic, I hope you enjoy going out on it while the weather is still mild. Michelle and Frazer xx

Hi Terry

Glad you enjoyed th Halloween bash, shame about the person who trapped their hand in the door, hope they are ok.

If you are anything like me after going out at night, it can take a good few days to recover, so maybe take it easy for a while.

An electric bike sounds like a good idea, so long as your balance is good, don’t think mine would be good enough, I think I’d be off more than on.

Pam x

I used my loaf & didn’t drink, because I drove miles to get there. The women had 11 stitches, after catching a nail whilst falling. Very messy I heard & a long night in A & E. Not me. I was watching the Incredible Hulk with a double Caramel Magnum. I departed before the drink took over the party. Look after yourselves. Things work out. Terry

It was fun to get away from the real zombies for some harmless fakes. It wasn’t me that fell this time & the electric bike has proved a brain teaser. I’m being forced to make bits that don’t exist. After importing from a multitude of countries. We don’t all do things the same. I’ll do the sun dance to make the weather better. I’m going out whatever the weather. Take it easy Michelle & treat yourself. The lynch mob are a bunch of mindless chickens! Terry