Sticks, foot braces & a wheelchair.

Am I classed as disabled yet?

The electric hub for my folding mountain bike will raise a few eye brows for sure.

And once the batch of spray cans turn up, I can get busy. Ready for when I start playing loud electronic sounds in public. As far away from the mindless scroungers as possible. Trying to get me to endorse their drug sales, I think not! I’m on my 3rd batch of CBD oil & it cures nothing. Things are looking up for some. I’m sick to death of the guilt trips from idiots, wanting me to promote their bull crap.

The point is. Use it or lose it! Listen to others & you’ve lost already.

Terry is leaving the building.

That’s really good Terry I hope you enjoy yourself. Michelle and Frazer xx

Thanks Michelle. The Monster spray cans just turned up & the colours are vivid.

I forgot to get gloves & it’s addictive! I defo need a van now.

Have fun! What kind of music are you talking about here, I love industrial stuff :slight_smile: Sonia x

you going grafitti-ing or wot?


Loud electronic sounds. Like a power station swallowed a drum machine, with a loonatic pressing buttons. All self powered by a 90 Amp Hour gel battery & 2000 watt inverter. Not classical at all. Just mayhem! The electric mountain bike wheel turned up today. 1000 watts at 48 volts. A 50 mph push bike is going to be born. I’ll avoid the 4 mph mobility scooters for now. They don’t fit in a Nissan Micra boot, like the bike does. The off road is calling.

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Some log cutter has given me free range on his rusty old pick-up. Which should be fun. Depends how brave he is. Especially now Halloween is due. Which reminds me, I should get some photo luminescent spray paint. The glow in the dark stuff. They sell everything on Ebay. Some folks even sell themselves.

I’m excited again. The dispatch of the photoluminescent paint has just been sent. In time for Halloween too. I got a rediculously expensive battery for the electric suspension mountain bike venture & I’ve purchased enough LED fairy lights to take the village out the dark ages. Some folks think that being bright is having a PHD & the people I know creep around at 3 AM.

It’s lovely to hear about your project Terry , you made me smile…dont ever grow up …you inspire me with all of your plans . Michelle and Frazer xx

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