Avoid drunks if you have MS.

We might look like a drunk, when dealing with MS.

Stumbling & struggling, just seems to invite those who prey on people with problems.

I invite people out to do things I enjoy, like going to the cinema or visiting some charity shops.

Yet all I get, is pub & club invites, or invited out for meals. So long as I pay the entire bill. Which says it all!

The worse my problems get, the more the vultures circle. Even knowing their ploys & telling them to get lost, just draws out their true violent abusive character. Bombarded with comments of sarcasm & narcissistic plans. Being disabled sucks.

MS is worse than what the scum bags make out.

It’s no wonder some folks with MS choose to stay home & avoid those who claim to care.

Take it easy out there & keep avoiding the fakes.

Terry is due some Apple Cider Vinegar & Iodine.

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So many people have assumed I’m drunk.

“Am I slurring my words?”

So many want to take the superior stance. When I mention MS I get faced with disbelief.

I’ve just made a stunning stir-fry. People like my food. The good people do anyway.

Rock on Terry.

Terry I can’t drink with the drugs I take, and I definitely don’t enjoy watching drunks or putting up with their slurring and stumbling when it’s self inflicted. I don’t have many friends but they enjoy the charity shops, car boot sales, and a tea and cake outing. And I like being home before dark. Sometimes you need to decide what’s important and more importantly who’s important in your life. I was a doormat for far too long, but I’m happy now. I would imagine it’s easier to find female friends more likely to enjoy these pastimes than men. Take care all. Cath

You can’t beat staying in & enjoying a self cooked meal Steve. There’s no arsenic & I can hide stuff before guests turn up. MS is drawing some untrustworthy people. Coping with MS has become simple, in comparison to dealing with so called carers.

I agreed to another MRI & further tests & got offered yet more medication. When I clearly state I want nothing to do with medication EVER again. A whole lemon cheese cake & cartoons does me.

Stay cool Steve & keep flying the flag.

I mix with nobody these days Cath. I look okay & that’s all the information some people need, before the bombardment of bull crap. I dare not even mention MS. Their list of self inflicted problems is endless.

Avoiding booze abusers & recreational drug addicts is paramount.

Even saying I’m rough & I’m suffocated with the stench of their issues.

Off to the charity shops & car boot sales I go.

Take care out there.


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I get that too Terry. Why do people have to compete to be more ill than we are? I’d give anything to be healthy. And even worse than that is when someone asks if I’ll fill in benefit forms for them as they have more illnesses and need a blue badge or more money, as I obviously know how to get these for myself!!! That’s the one time I did wish my problems on someone else. Hope you’re still enjoying the sunshine. Cath

Hi my ex sister in law was walking along on the pavement when someone tapped her on her shoulder she turned around, the woman said are you deaf or something I have beening trying to get past you. My sister in law moved her hair to behind her ear showing her hearing aid. The woman could not apologise enough.:slight_smile: kay

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There’s definitely something strange going on. Selective everything, to suite their agenda.

The bus driver who chased me in a learner vehicle. With a bus full of passengers & had clearly just got off a raft.

My instructor said ignore him, he’s obviously a basket case.

Retain your tunnel vision folks. MS isn’t easy to understand, by anyone! Regardless of their imaginary iQ.