The relapse 30/7/17


This is my worst day since medication. Hardly the energy to stand & head butting the wall when I do anything.

There’s no one I trust to call & I’m done for today. I’ve only recently woke, from a very messed up sleep. The amount of tunes going around in my head, is making me want to vomit.

I keep trying to snap out of it, but I’m accepting defeat.

The cold wash & pint of water, has not helped, like it usually does.

If I call anyone, I’ll just get sarcasm & I have typed this, I’ve just agreed to take a kid & his mum, shopping & to the park.

Stick a fork in me. I’m done!

Terry, you’ve inadvertently made me laugh! Only cos you said stick a fork in you, you’re done. What a great sausage you are to take others shopping while you’re so tired. Hope you get a better sleep tonight

I wasn’t so much tired, but having a morning from hell.

2nd worse to my attempted suicide day. I’ve had enough of people full stop.

I’m in a bad way & all I get is sarcasm. How on earth, did I ever attract such mindless, selfish, scroungers?

Posted on here doesn’t help, but at least I’m sharing the hell brings.

Hey Terry,

noting I can say to help or improve it so sending you a virtual hug

Sonia x

Thanks for the virtual hug.

Opportunistic scroungers are everywhere these days.

Rooting through our bins, because it’s what they do.

They’ll feed us any old rubbish to get sympathy.

I’ve got my shield sorted now & wave, with a cheesy smile.

Take care of number one Sonia. It works…


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Another virtual hug from me Terri!

Just a thought, have you ever tried to learn mindfulness? It helps me massively, especially if someone has upset me!

Nina x

I couldn’t care less about the folks who stalk for funds & popularity. Spreading their lies. They need the mindfulness, not me. I could win the lottey & move country. It goes to show how sad & scrounging some people are. They can have everything & still want more. The latest is I’m dead, so I’ll go with that. Peace at last. Terry