What did I expect.


Ok so yesterday morning I was feeling awful. A twisted belt was the cause of great struggle and trauma. I ended up going out in my trusty joggers-not very smart but at least I went out again. It was just a lunch with friends but a lunch with a fair bit of wine and other drinks. The voice of the beast said “I did not give you permission to have a nice time-you’ll regret this.”

“Buttocks” to you I said, whilst having the absolute nerve to be still up, drinking more wine and watching match of the day.

It was right. Today is a non moving day. But at least I’m up (eventually) and have read the paper. Tea and toast is such a panacea. Now I’m looking forward to building a curry.

I know I’ve gone on about this before but I get such a boost from getting out and enjoying myself.

Rock on. Steve.

And why not indeed!

We are entitled to a good day out now and then.

When I plan an outing, I kind of expect to ‘pay’ for enjoyment by my monster getting it’s own back!

As long as make sure a resting period follows a busy one, then we hope that will appease our monster…but it isn’t always quite that straightforward, eh?

Onward s and upwards, yet?

Luv pollx

good on ya Steve,its so good to get out,i dont get out much at all these days,but when i can do i love it.

J x

Good for you Steve I try to venture out at least every second day even if it’s just to the local supermarket. Fortunately I’m still able to get myself there. Tomorrow I’m going to a Shopping Mall, a friend has the day off work so I’ll be able to go with my wheelchair which I can’t do if I’m on my own. I’ll suffer Tuesday but it’ll be worth it

Jan x

Well done you for going out! its such a good feeling, even though your wiped out for the next few days i always think its so worth it. There is nothing like having a giggle with your friends, even if your worn out at least your not depressed.

Michelle x

Well done Steve if we didn’t have days like that it would be pretty boring. Keep on rocking mate.


Well done Steve! Sometimes it’s worth paying the price, isn’t it?

take care,

Nina x

Keep on rocking Steve.

Pam x

Good on you Steve. Life might slow down a bit (or rather a lot) with this stupid illness but isn’t it great to tell that little beggar sitting on your shoulder telling you not to go out to find a very hot place down under to visit? I plan my week ahead to allow time to go out and a day or two to recover afterwards. Hey a quiet day is a nice one to relax and read or listen to a good book! Much better than giving in to it! Keep it up.

Cath x

Thanks for the supportive replies. Now I’ve got to get over the penalty shoot-out. (Everton v West Ham).

Woe woe and thrice woe.


Hi Steve

Wasn’t it exciting! Not sure if you are one of the “hammers” or “toffees” but next time they are up against MY team.

Was secretly hoping for Everton, but Big Sam will be nice to have at Ashton Gate…come on you reds!!

Hope today is being kind to you.

Pam x

Hello Pam.

I hope your reds can go better than they did when I went to Ashton Gate. We had a couple of pints in a pub called something like the three stars, marvelled at the view of the Clifton Suspension Bridged and watched a 2-2 draw when Norman Hunter scored for you from a free kick. That was in 1978!

Best wishes x

Hi Steve

We don’t normally do very well in cup matches, this is the first time for quite a few years we have got this far, so we shall see.

I hope you walked across the Suspension bridge, not drove across it, cos that’s the best way to see the view, and yes it is fantastic. When you think it was built 150 years ago, the men what built it must have risked their lives on a daily basis, all credit to them.

Blowing a gale and rain here tonight, luckily for us the snow has washed away.

Pam x