The heat

Hello everyone.

Isn’t the heat just a bind. (other words beginning with B are available) I’m just about to embark on a train journey. I hope the air con is on.

It’s a bit like snow. We know it’s coming but we never seem prepared for it.And as sure as eggs is eggs we’ll complain.

But it helps to vent. I’ve got a wedding to go to tomorrow. My old pal George is finally tying the knot with his long standing partner Kevin. My bow tie will be pink.

Best wishes.

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Yes Steve the air con is important to keep the temperature down. It’s definitely a minty magnum day today.

I see folks char grilling themselves on the barbecue sun loungers. I’m thinking I need to fit a hose pipe, to water the bulbs.

Have a fabulous time at the wedding. Don’t forget the rose petals & take loads of photos.

It’s only 11 am & I’m thinking a cold shower is needed.

I might even buy the outdoor set up I saw yesterday, or a giant donut to dive in. Grass is far better than concrete, under foot.

Terry fried rice.

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Hi Steve

I am so sorry to all the sun worshippers, but I absolutely hate this heat, makes me feel like a wet rag! I find both extremities of weather are not good for me, too hot and I just sizzle, and too cold makes the pain more…no pleasing me lol

Have a lovely time at the wedding, at least they will be glad of the weather, it should make some lovely photos. Hope the air con is on for you, take plenty of water with you.

Pam X

Hope the wedding is wonderful Steve!

I’m the same Pam too cold and I hurt more too hot and I’m good for absolutely nothing

Nina x


It is such a shame that we can’t fully enjoy the current weather we’re having.

Like in MS, my thermostat is knackered.

Just an hour in the garden, sitting under a big parasol, caused​ me to slump onto my bed. Going to the loo finished me off for today. Putting my nightie on was like climbing Everest!!

I couldn’t even wrap my sling round me… hubby to the rescue!

I love to lie on my bed, with the French doors open and a fan blowing on me! Luxury!