the good thing about getting older

everybody knows that age brings wisdom but also aches, pains and creaks.

but the best thing is we have more memories!

hubby is playing music on you tube (LOUDLY)

lynerd skynerd Freebird

takes me back to being 17 at knebworth watching the stones and skynerd were supporting them

ah i’m happy!

Enjoy it whilst you can. Great memories. Things will change. Had a great conversation with my mother the other day when she was telling me what she said was a funny story and it took her so long to remember the name of one of the people involved she forgot what the story was about. That was 20 minutes of my life I will never get back. Was a great glimpse into the future. Still its not all bad coz she then hopped into her car and left. I can only hope she went home to the right house. I am pretty sure I will see her advertised in the lost and found column of the local paper. Gary

ah well gary

me and my sister had this discussion and promised each other that if went in a care home we’d have ajoining rooms.

we have a lot of hysterical giggles and she was worried about peeing herself.

so i said you wont remember it though.

it was funny at the time before ms gatecrashed my life, suppose it still is!

carole x

Well you got to carry on laughing, the alternative is too draining and not half as much fun