THE [filtered word] GAME

I 'like' the rude word  removal facility on this most technical of forums.The idea is to write perfectly innocent words with a brief explanation, and hopefully the system will display its ignorance and substitute your word for [filtered word].

Here are a few which occur to me....................

Fukushima nuclear power station in Japan

Shibboleth  is a Hebrew word which is a way of speaking amongst people of the same beliefs

Turdidae is the scientific name for the Thrush family

Arsena is a football team also known as the Gunners


I'm getting excited now as I press the Post button



How disappointing was that!

Any Polish people around? 'We' used to have a goalkeeper for the Dutch national team whose name was spelled (spelt?) 'De Goeij'.. When Holland were playing Poland (away) a long time ago, the Dutch commentator told his audience that he did not dare to speak up when he had to mention the goalkeeper's name, as it appeared to be a very rude word in polish... Any idea as I cannot remember what it was?


feckless - an unsuccessful Irish lethario

I remember on the old site that  the filtered word system was once so strict, you didn't dare say you were from Scunthorpe.

Even if you were.

I can swear in French,but their swear words are no where near as good as ours.

Does bloody count? Or does it only filter it if combined with hell,as in bloody hell.

Let's see,good game,or rather bloody good game,xxjo

I can't believe it's filtered Scunthorpe,what if someone says hello,I'm new is there anyone else who lives in Scunthorpe and can we meet for coffee please? People will be trying to find Sfilteredwordthorpe,and that won't be on google directions.xxjo

I thoughe we had fixed scunththorpe because we used to have a user called dick fro there. Arsenal v Marseilles was interesting a few months ago.

Liz [Moderator]

I'm trying again with Cockermouth in Cumbria

I'm sorry but I don't get this, we are all grown up people and we use these words, last time you fell, did you say, oh what a pity, of course you did'nt, you used the word that would get filtered out.

I can tell that everyone has terribly pressing things to do!


Teresa xx

Has anyone heard anything from Mike Hunt on the forum recently? 

Mr S

l wrote a reply to a post -on the 'old' site - saying l was fed up with the continual bi***ing.  lt was printed as 'female dogging', which was far worse.


Just as an alternative, how about we use [expletive] and everyone else has to guess ...

And as a second alternative, there is an Irish variation on the "f-word".
And, no, I am not going to try it here.


Pur fettic  topic