House rules - clarification please?

Please could the mods or a member of the webteam clarify something for me?

If someone is banned from this website, what is to stop them rejoining with a different username and a different ISP?

Thank you.

(PS I would have posted this on the House Rules topic, but it is locked.)

Sorry everyone, but bump, so I can get an answer!

I`m bumping!

luv Pollx

I have spotted at least a couple and suspect the answer is nothing. Still, they are behaving themselves, so that’s nice.

Thanks Poll


I wonder if the two I’ve spotted are the same two you’ve spotted?

I think you’re probably right about the nothing, but not such a big deal if they keep playing nice


Hi All,

I have not seen anything,must be sliping.

What on earth do they hope to achive.

Some sad people about.



Ohhh now I’m intrigued, Who’s been banned???



A couple of people were banned last year for rather blatently breaching the t&c’s. In theory it’s a permanent ban.

Karen x

OH are you aloud to name names? julsiexx

I don’t know! I’m wimping out though!!! LOL!

Tbh, they wouldn’t mean much anyway, since they don’t post any more. Well, under their old names anyway

Of course I could be being completely paranoid

Karen x

I will keep my eyes open, i feel like a spy now




Well about 3 years ago there was someone who got banned and tried to join with different name and got thrown off within a couple of hours… so they must have their ways and means…

But now I’m intrigued by who’s done it… hmmmm…

Pat x

I think it’s fairly easy to identify someone if they are using the same equipment and ISP, but if they switch?

I guess they will reveal themselves in the subject matter and topics they post about though. Old habits die hard!

As Derek says, so far they’re behaving, so maybe that’s good enough.

Let’s see what the webteam say when they are back in the office…

Karen x

Ah wow…whats going on then…

I will have to start reading the posts avidly now to see if i can spot the “One”…

It will probably go straight over my head though, still, its the first bit of gossip for a long while ‘I think’

PS: what is Bumping up?

xx Maria

Bumping is what happens when someone replies to a post, it’s bumped to the top of the page where it’s more likely to attract attention. So if a post is falling off page 1,it can be bumped up.I hope that makes sense! Not had any sleep yet !

And I’m wondering who it is too, this sort of thing goes right over my head,but I do remember one or two banned members sneaking back on the old board,but I think they tripped up and were caught out.xxjo

It has been noted for the webbies - but they get weekends off unlike us lowly moderators!!

Quick answer - we have spotted a few and re-banned them but if you spot one let us know.


TELL US - PM or contact the web team direct.

I know with the old system we couldn’t ban by ISP, which was a pain. We just had to read the posts…it’s amazing what you can tell…almost as good as handwriting.