A challenge for you all

I was stumbling along on my stick when I nearly fell, I stood there in the dark empty street and shouted out F*** ! The english langauge needs a new swear word, the dear old F-word is now so common-place that it no longer has the power it once had. Thats the challenge can you come up with a new swear word.?



My favorate swear word is “[DELETED]”.

Say it quickly for full affect but it isn’t swearing.

Honest. :wink:


  • Thanks to Billy Connolly for that one.

I try them all out often at times! that way i don’t get bored of any. Never used them much before but use them more often now.


My fav is [edited]

That felt good and why has that put a big smile on my face? shocking lol


Oh forgot about love that one!!!

I was crossing the road in my scooter half way across when this in her car comes flying round the corner didn’t indicate and didn’t slow down when she so me (I nearly SHAT myself) so i stopped, then she has the cheek to tell me to get a FUCKING move on!!!She got two fingers and i happily told her she was in fact a cupid stunt that needs to slow down. The shocked look i got!!! ilke it was my fault!!!

Tracy (Kenny Everett fan) x

TW@T! is my favourite as some twat walks AT me and knocks my stick out from under me - followed up with “am I not disabled enough for you, you TW@T”

When I do something (fall, trip, drop something etc) I favour BOLLOCKS. Something you can really get behind with force.

Fuckfuckfucketyfuck - “4 weddings and a funeral”

[filtered word] - or big dogs [filtered word] - “big train”

gruntfuttock - “round the horne”

Pimhole - “a bit of fry and laurie” - in fact they did a whole sketch - why don’t you ram it up your pimhole you fusking cloff prunker.

I quite like ‘arsington arse’. Or if you’ve not got time for the ‘arsington’, just a good old fashioned ‘arse’. Or ‘bollocks’. I’m a big fan of the slightly more polite ones. I think because they almost make me smile, and therefore cheer me up a bit.


Hi ya Dave,

Personally my all time favourite is ‘bollocks’ because to me it seems such an expressive word…lol…Not that I swear a lot mind you, but it does do the trick!!

It’ll be interesting to see if anyone can come up with a new swear word that has the desired effect…

Debbie xx

I like the “b” words too. That b at the beginning of bugger and bollocks is really cathartic! They have to be said with a really harsh, explosive b to have the right effect though.

So, for me, any new word would have to have an explosive b at the beginning, followed by a vowel (ideally u or o as a, i and e aren’t as strong, and as bl & br don’t have the same effect). A ck at the end would be quite nice, or maybe a ch if you’re Scottish (or English and can actually say loch properly). Ch would be a good one, because then you can drag it out too. It seems that two syllables with a double letter in the middle adds something too. Hmmm.

Maybe bulloch, pronounced bul/loch, not bull/och: Bullochhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

or buggoch: Buggochhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

(I’ve discarded buttoch for obvious reasons, but bubboch might work or maybe bummoch, or bussoch?)

Hmmmm. Bulloch for me I think

Well, there was an intellectual exercise I never saw myself doing!

Karen x

It’s true all these words have lost their power now. I’ve gone back to some old expressions…

Holy Mackerel !


God’s teeth! (a favourite of Queen Elizabeth I apparently)


Are you aware that children use this site?

And i learnt them all as a child from school!!! most are said in every movie, tv, books, mags, on the street, kids friends, you can’t get away from them. So sorry if it offends you but these words are everywhere and at times i use them!


Ha! Sorry, not meaning to laff at your predicament…more at the language thingy!

A friend of mine had a little brother, who they were trying to stop swearing!

Whenever an expletive was called for, they would say;

Sugary bun!!

I like the cupid stunt offering!

luv POllx

l have always liked ‘ARMHOLES’ - lt does give me the right satisfaction when you need an expletive - yes, the F word has lost it for me

lts used so much - by so many. Although, the irish ‘Fecking Ell’ is a good one.

Reading this ‘post’ - makes us all sound as if we are auditioning for Father Ted -or Mrs Browns Boys.


Reading this back has made me smile, trying to guess what everyone’s words are. What the auto-filter has done to the Four Weddings quote made me chuckle. My words were ‘arsington ar*e’ and ‘boll**ks’!. It’s the hard ‘b’ and ‘k’ sounds in the second one make that quite releasing to say.


Hello! I try not to swear much, so they have more clout when I cannot find a better word! It also conveys a message to those around me - ‘She’s serious!’. So, I will say ‘Fudge’ or, ‘oh crap, shucks, @rse’ etc. It pulls more of a punch when the 18 cert language spills out…


the filtered word was sh!te

My son told me it wasn’t polite to say that I was F**KED and said it was better to say ‘goosed’ - I’m not sure that I agree BUT I still think the ‘F’ word but say the G word.

Not sure that this helps, take care, M

A very ladylike and well-brought-up posh-convent-school-educated ex-colleague of mine (she was our bit of quality) used to cry, ‘Hell’s Bells and Buckets of Blood!’ in well-modulated tones when provoked. I always liked that.