eeee, no `e`s? just for fun

Hiya gang! Our particular bit of Yorkcountyland is truly having a great lashing by the big clouds in the sky and what a downpour it is!

So did you spot what my words didn`t contain?

Aye, no es!

I did start this bit of fun on Saturday when sis was caring for I. Lots of laffs can occur, if you say words with no e in them. It also finds naughty words hard to swap too.

Can you reply in kind? Do not just omit e, but find good words with no e.

Fun, innit!

luv Pollx

Gosh that is difficult to do for long but I will try! Dull sky today for us but no rain still, although I think it might pour down soonish.

Dog is zizzing, OH is looking at a mag so having a calm hour browsing on my laptop, which is good. I might just snack on a biscuit or two shortly or a banana if I am virtuous.

ps meant to say you missed one e in your sentence in the word great. It is so hard not to let the odd one sneak in!!

I’m down south for work. The rain on our roads was awful but I was not driving so i was ok for a nap. Food tonight was fabulous and I am full up. I’m now watching Strictly Ballroom - a good film, you must concur.

This is most difficult to do so I trust this will do the trick.

JBK xx

It’s sunny Southport calling in, had a good day all in all saw this post and thought why not try, it’s past zzz but can’t nod off so brain trying to focus on this task not so good. Trying to think of words that would be funny or not if this was missing trying sx, kping,lphant,succss,buttrfly,nvlop,ntirity,trnity,don’t look or sound too bad if your 2yrs old . Cool, Paulin

GLYCYL­ASPARTYL­VALYL­TYROSYL­LYSYL­VALYL­TYROSYL­ARGINYL­TYROSYL, is actually a word almost all parts of human communication contain words such as ‘word’,with a syllabic ‘r’ sound! … daiquiri - Don’t drink a daiquiri until you know how to impart this funny word FLOCCI­NAUCINI­HILIPIL­IFICATION, 9 I’s in this word whoah!! HONORI­FICABILI­TUDINI­TATIBUS who’d of thought it? Bloomin’ 'ck this want half hard lass!

strugglin with this one poll. my poor lancashire brain is bamboozled!

however i love accents and dialects and have resisted all attempts to get me to change my pronunciation.

book (not buck)

my OH has been struggling to sleep because its too warm (now i wouldnt know anything about that feeling!)

he sent for 2 chillows and when they arrived he couldnt be bothered to fill them.

i said (now pronounce this in a wigan accent) “i’ll be the chiller piller filler”

i find the most silly things funny!

carole x

Hi Chum, i woud not want you to swap your vocal sounds or twang. But do try lass, your words all contain e…not good trying!


Hi all and thanks for talkback! My post had two bad words with wrong symbol ie

great and the

Tinga spot great, but not the.

I am sorry.

Play game again, why not? Tis silly fun!


Hi JBK, your`s is brill wording.

Full marks!


Your wording is so good!

you now play wordbuild with no e in any word. Good play for old folk not just for two kids.


I think you not say good words…you say not normal words!


aha! game is bad word!


Thanks for this Poll. I did lots of thinking about it. Hahahaha!!

Shazzyyyy xxx

Startd to think of somthing funny to say, but it all got to much, so wnt back to playing candy crunch. Lol

Poll I’ve always talked cr*p :wink: x

ta for your words, but think you not got it right;

cant contain words that should have an e…must say words with no e at all…sorry…try again, kindly yours, Pollx

In my room happy and still, cool air wafts in from window, dusky sky, drifting clouds sailing by. soon dark night coming, only night birds sing. But for now mama duck swims, brood swims too and I watch as fading sunlight drifts faraway.

No talking now, no shouting, no singing, no foot stamping, no arguing just night hush and clock stopping hours with humans in stasis


Tis now morning and no rain or cloud in sky. In fact this big bright thing sum call sun has its hat on today. I should try and drag my body out if its soft pit of night cosy and go down stairs to show that im still in this land of living. But i do like lying flat on a comfy soft futon. Good day to you all,


Warm day, all calm, boats drift down mirroring fluid on which all float. I go for a swim, loving the cool fluid washing against my skin, my companion swims too though poor dog waits with wood in its mouth wanting to play.

Clouds dot sky but sun glows, though hiding. I am damp now trying to dry off, my swimsuit a lizard lying against a dinghy. I wrap random cloth about my body, rub against my skin to warm up. It’s good, this day, has begun in happy mood, if I could adapt to a world without ‘e’s’ I would hope all days similar to this, soft and without pain for all.