Operation cancelled....

So this morning a couple of minutes before leaving home for the hospital, having washed in nasty anti microbial stuff, drunk about a gallon of pre med protein drinks and starved as required, I answered the phone to the dreaded words. Apparently the anaesthetist is ill. It will be rescheduled asap.

So, many many thanks for all your well wishes for today. I’m going out to see some nice birds at the Wetlands Centre and then for lunch in an attempt to feel calmer and happier. Obviously I have now used up my monthly allowance of foul language so I probably won’t scare the wildfowl.

Once I have a new appointment, I’ll let you all know, but there will be less in the way of histrionics about it and I’ll hold the well wishes over till then if that’s OK!

Sue xx

I’ll foul mouth for you Sue, bloody b*****ding hell !! Tracey xx

And I’ll add to Tracey’s mouthfull, £$%$^&!!!

Hope you enjoy the Wetlands Centre


But I’ve already sent the flowers!

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Can I just add **" from me.

Treat yourself to something lovely today


Oh, sheibenhönig! And​ I just added to the good wishes.

Never mind. Have a nice relaxing day out and treat yourself to something special.


As my ninja pottymouth guru (winnie the 'kin pooh) would wisely say “Fur Fat Snake… Bother”

Hope you have a good rest of the day and some positive news soon


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I was ungraded at German O Level but I think the “b” in your great word is a double “s” ß


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But at least I got to see some cute ducklings. And had a biiiig glass of wine and a pizza. Better by far than anaesthesia, hospital food and a bag to collect my poo in.


(And I thank you all for swearing so beautifully on my behalf. And I shall await the flowers Mr D. Virtual I presume?)

i’d add some of my fowl language but i used it up already.

only teresa may could bring it back, the tory t…t.

I think that you’re thinking of Scheißenhause, a much ruder word. Scheibenhönig just means honeycomb. It’s a word my mother suggested I use whenever I want to say something that sounds rude but isn’t.


oo cripes, oh well, lots of poorly illnesses round here and at the hospital, chicken pox and tonsilitis doing the rounds and leaving not prisoners. Perhaps he/she caught up with one of them?

Oh for Fudge sake !!! Blooming Fuzzy Duck !!!

Excellent, thank you. Now you know why I was ungraded !

Always good to learn new stuff.