Negativity winning

Sad to say but feeling very overwhelmed today again positive things seem in short supply… Hormonal woman with PPMS makes me wicked…… Longing for the old me. Silly wishful thinking!
yet to embrace or even cope well? Sorry


I’m sorry to hear you are struggling like this. I’m currently in limboland trying to get medics to listen. I just wanted to acknowledge your post and wish you strength as you try to find positivity. x

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Thank you so much for replying to me.
I feel very overwhelmed which is unlike me I’m a coper normally. Sorry to hear your in limbo land but this is the place for people to voice MS stuff welcome to the place you never wanted to be Having had all the tests it was confirmed so unsurprising to me wishing you get the medics attention correctly and soon… Stay safe and take care x

Thank you Cruella. Good on you for usually being positive. It’s ok to have days when it gets too much tho.

I’m very new here, only been 3 months of weird symptoms for me. Hoping for answers soon although I see from others on this site you can be many years trying to get a diagnosis.

Good to have support from places like this forum. I hope that tomorrow is a better day for you. x

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HRT patches and a happy pill to take & up dose of pregabalin , change times etc to achieve better pain control hopefully so patch & pill as of yesterday watch this space? are you doing?

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Hi Cruella, Here’s hoping your meds changes improve things for you. I’m getting by. I went private as my GP was insistent my problems are due to labyrinthitis but I’m not buying that. I’ve an appt with a neurologist in two weeks. I’ve had a two month wait even going private. It’s so hard to see the medics just now eh. Dizziness, numbness down my right hand side including my face and mouth, and struggling with weakness are the main symptoms I want investigated. Just hope he doesn’t fob me off. GP told me “the mind is a powerful thing” So she clearly thinks I’m imagining all this up. I’m not.

Oh, I’m also going through menopause. The joys of being a woman.

Sending positive thoughts to you. x


Sorry you are feeling overwhelmed, sometimes there is nothing to be done but ride it out… this sucks, so a rant or a shout can sometimes help.
Breaking the internal cycle that feeds these feelings can be very tough, I wish we could share out to good and bad stuff to try and even things out a bit. I will share a Bullfinch who made me feel less crappy recently.


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Hello Cruella

I see no reason why we (PWMS, wheelchair users or the disabled generally) should feel the need for positivity all the time.

You do seem to have crash landed in the world of MS. It’s bloody tough to get used to losing independence, getting used to life on a different (wheelchair based) level, having a variety of bowel/bladder issues, not to mention learning to mistrust our brains. You’ve had to do it a lot quicker than many/most of us.

I’ve had MS for 24+ years and it took 15 of those years to become a full time wheelchair user. The other issues have developed for me over more years than you’ve had to cope with changes to your brain and body.

I think there are times when it’s necessary to embrace a bit of negativity. We’re humans and being Pollyanna does not come easily to most of us.

Add a touch of hormones to a middle aged woman (I am also 54 but no longer have the excuse / curse of hormones) and her inner bitch-fiend is bound to come out. My inner bitch does not always cower behind politeness and a sweet nature.

Sometimes we have the need to say (or shout) ‘Oi! This just isn’t fair’, ‘I was never supposed to be this woman’ and ‘#¥*@}:=‘!!

I too want the old me back. The one who could walk. Who was confident, attractive (certainly more so than today!), had a fully functioning brain and control of her body rather than being at the mercy of a carcass ravaged by MS.

Don’t beat yourself up for the negativity. Allow yourself a bit of sorrow and fury about what’s happened to you. Tomorrow you might be the positive Cruella again. Then again, next week is probably soon enough. Personally I’m holding out for a more positive October!



Who’s a pretty birdie then? (Is it acceptable to call a Bullfinch pretty? The name Bullfinch seems to demand a more macho descriptor - maybe ‘who’s a big rough tough birdie?’)


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Lady Bullfinches are pretty too, but in birdie world the boys tend to be a bit more showy.
Good to hear from you.

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I went past ‘The Island’ the other day (you know which one I mean!) on a short ‘Seacation’ cruise. I was reminiscing about The Needles - the ones that were used to knit the swimsuits. I miss the IOD!!

Sue x (Lovely pics as usual!)


We went to Keyhaven yesterday which is so close to the Isle of Wight. This also had me smiling at IoD plans and chats. Hope you had a great time on your seacation.

for the knitting…

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Hmmm, cruise was a bit iffy for the bipedally challenged. ‘Accessible’ didn’t really mean ‘usable by me’. So a tad difficult & poor Mr Sssue is knackered now - too much caring duties had him swearing again about why he doesn’t qualify for Carers Allowance (over state pension age!)

You & I definitely live a bit too close to the IOW - we were always going to be in the vanguard for the invasion.


Sorry Cruella, Mick and I have taken over your thread, we’ll stop now. We’ve just spent a bit too long haunting this forum with silliness and a bit of lunacy. We lost someone important to us and that makes our reminiscing a bit bitter sweet.


No need to worry! It’s lovely to hear from you Sue and Mick too thank you. i really dislike being in this club. ( can you tell) hmm maybe I. am being to sarcastic to be nice but I can sooooo relate to post
I feel bad sometimes that I am not as positive as others. maybe I should try harder … But realising that we plural are here through good times and down times to I think ms is called the emotional condition? Please keep being true because ppms sucks big time X

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Do whatever works for you, no point in trying to present as being positive if you feel lousy and hard done by. Sometimes I find that I do feel a bit better when I try harder, but other times it just makes me more grumpy so once again no useful info sorry. Mick

Don’t get me started on “accessible” beaches. It usually means there is a loo in the car park. Please pass on my best wishes to Mr Sue I hope he enjoyed bits of the trip.

Back to you @Cruella (some might say not before time, ahem!). This just appeared in my email in box. Might be of interest: Is it MS or is it the menopause? - by Gavin Giovannoni


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Disabled loos is my gripe most of them are useless we find. Cluttered shops to get around grr moaning again I must be related to Victor Meldrew
I don’t believe it… Trouble is I’m getting so good… Another issue I have is automation on phones when all I require is a human being rant over and I do feel better for it. Over to a coffee to calm me - caffeine I love it…


Thanks for the link Sue makes for interesting reading… X