Just for fun...

Greetings on a wet Wednesday… Wondered if anyone fancied a wee bit of brain exercise…

The answers to the clues are all colours! -eg Mother! You have = Mauve (Ma! U’ve)

  1. See edge for Mummy’s boy (7)

  2. Short loo. Finisher (8)

  3. Shout. In debt (6)

  4. Vegetable with writing fluid (4)

  5. Stood up (4)

  6. I’m Bernard in short (5)

  7. Water. Relating to the sea (10)

  8. How he played the trumpet (4)

More to follow…

  1. yellow

can’t do the rest.

is yellow correct?

Yes,you got it!!!

Shout=yell, in debt=owe so yellow…

  1. A Rose

  2. Aquamarine.

They are not easy.

  1. Pink

  2. Blue

  3. Crimson

Will have to give the others some thought over a cuppa. I like these, word games are good for the brain

Tracey x

6, amber

8, blue

These are all correct… It is quite hard - Sometimes if you split the clue up and find one of the words you can find the colour… TBH I didn’t get aquamarine so well done!!!

Clue for no 1. See / edge / mummy’s boy …See = the letter C

More answers posted as I was typing… All correct!!! Just no 2 to go…

They are difficult at first but once you get into that way of thinking it gets easier… So here’s some more…

  1. For what reason? Tea? (5)

  2. Cat expressing pleasure. Small tablet (6)

  3. Male swan. Seasoning minus ‘S’ (6)

  4. Verdant (5)

  5. Small vegetable for everyone (5)

  6. Small deer (4)

  7. Native of Turkey. Very wise (9)

  8. Forehead. Between ‘M’ and ‘O’ (5)

10 purple

12 green

16 brown

11 cobalt

15 turquoise

They are good - get the old matter working.

  1. Purr - pill purple.

  2. Cob alt cobalt

12 Green

  1. Fawn

9 white

All good.

Still got 2. & 13. to get…

There are some more but really must get off the computer and take the dogs out! Will put rest up on a new thread later.

Thanks for playing…

  1. Peach

Well done elmo!!!

  1. Lavender

That one took me ages!! Now I must get back to work :slight_smile:

Tracey x