Just for fun...

Here’s a wee challenge for the brain… (was given this by a psychologist to test my ability to apply my brain in a different way…)

The following list contains the names of famous people… can you work out who they are…?

  1. FlemEing

  2. r o b e r t do

3 BwarD

  1. L-john john john john john john john john john john

  2. Stosharne

Have a few more, but is taking me ages to type as letters keep getting missed…

1 & 4 I can get straight away but don’t want to spoil it for the rest - the others will take some thought :slight_smile:

Edited - got them. Oh well - back to work

Got any more??

JBK xx

  1. Ian Fleming

  2. Elton John

is 3 Warren Beatty?? ( or Beady ! )

  1. Sharon Stone?

And finally number 2 is Robert DeNiro

All correct… !!!

Did type out some more last night but wasn’t able to post as was being asked to copy and paste etc… but not able to, grrrrrr.

Will try again later…


And finally number 2 is Robert DeNiro

[/quote] I was thinking Robert DeNiro, then I got distracted and forgot again :slight_smile: