acronyms............just for fun (not MS)

Afternoon peeps! I`m just hanging on and desperately needing to return to bed. I am on the right side of this awful head cold now, but not feeling as strong as I a quickie, for fun!

Remember when we used to write acronyms (but didn`t know this word then) on the backs of letters?

I`ll offer a few...........join in if you like, eh?

HOLLAND   .............hope our love lasts and never dies

SWALK....................sealed with a loving kiss

ITALY......................I trust and love you

naughty one; undressed and ready my angel!

What else can you recall?

luv Pollxxxxxx

Hi Poll

You have stumped me.  I can remember all the ones you have listed, but no others.


NORWICH........nickers off ready when I come home! scared

And, a couple that originated with the US Military:

SNAFU - Situation normal, all fouled up.

FUBAR - Fouled up beyond all recognition.

You may replace the word [fouled] with an adjective of your choice - replace the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, letters.



an educational acronym for


Ooo, saucy!


Hadn`t heard of those…you must be a lot younger than me!


Steady now!


had a few I didn`t know. I must try to think of some more.

luv Pollx

Yes, I get the idea!


not allowed in medical notes anymore!

FLK=funny looking kid

FLP=funny looking parent

PIN= pain in neck

PIA= pain in ass!

Hey Rose,

Your last one PISA reminded me of when I was a kid and we had a neighbour who was a right Pain In The A***. My Dad nicknamed him PITA for short and it stuck so hard that one time when he came over I said, “HI Peter.” He looked mighty confused and replied, Oh my name is David." (or whatever it was)

Dad and I just about wet ourselves laughing.

And my favourite acronmym which my daughter has written on her school Bible is

B asic

I nstructions

B efore

L eaving

E arth


Following on from Tonto:

FOAD - F*** Off and Die

DDSS - Different Day, Same (old) S***  (sounds like MS to me)

And there are some more Military ones that would really not get past the censors, even with a lot of the letters ****ed out.

Of course, the military use a lot of official acronyms anyway, many of which do not obviously lend themselves to speech, but which can save time in text communications - until you get a US-UK dialogue when there are different acronyms for the same thing (e.g. CATT and CCTT) are effectively the same, while the long versions are apparently different.  Both are pronounced the same way - which technically makes them both acronyms.


Another one that no longer appears on medical notes is NAFC, which stands either for 'Nutty as a Fruit Cake', or, in the case of a patient whose symptoms have no obvious cause, Not a Clue, or words to that effect.


Hi Rose, they are new ones on me too! Cheers for your input.

luv Pollx

I like that one, Belinda.

How you diddling these days?

luv Pollx

luv Pollx

Interesting reply eoff. So what does CATT mean then?

luv Pollx

NA(F)C fits me just now, when my current dx is SP…spastic paraparesis with unknown cause.

The extra F fits too!

luv Pollx

Hi Poll

CATT is Combined Arms Tactical Trainer
CCTT is Close Combat Tactical Trainer

Both of them are networked armoured vehicle simulators. Great fun, the best computer game in town. But that was back in the days when I had a nice security clearance, and could call anywhere in the world from my office phone. |I can do the latter one now, only it is also my home phone and I pick up the tab.


DFTBA - Dont forget to be awesome. I live by this one!!!