Sorry to moan, folks, but I get a little frustrated by the use of abbreviations on this site, when all readers are assumed to know what these mean!!

If a contrbution is made to a thread where an abbreviation is used for the first time in that thread, how much extra trouble is it to actually spell out the abbreviation in full, e.g HBOT - Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (…I assume that’s what it means) ?

Would only have to be spelt out initially, and then you could be sure that everyone knows exactly what is meant from then on !!

I’ve already had to go to Google today to find out what a set of initials stood for, and no-one should need to go to those lengths.

So many folk here are so thoughtful and considerate …couldn’t we just think of the possible readers of our threads who may not automatically know what our abbreviations mean ?!!

Thanks everyone!


sorry Dom, I’ll avoid abbreviations in future

carole x

Oh dear Carole. You are a naughty girl!! Lol!!

Shazzie xx

This has cropped up before and somebody made a list – which people added to.

It should have been made sticky.

I know most of the abbreviations but was caught out by IDS – it took me a while to work that the poster was talking about Iain Duncan Smith not some nasty disease (oh wait ……….)


Hi, apologies from me, as I know I have used abbreviations myself.

yeh, we are lazy at times or simply think others know what we mean, when they may not.

So i`ll try to stop using those pesky letters.

luv Pollyx