just an idea for newer people

Good morning all, hope you’re having a good weekend.

This may be totally in the wrong place or there may even be something already staring me in the face that I am completely missing so apologies if this is the case.

Anyway, I have found this site useful for information leading up to my diagnosis and have now been able to jump across to the ‘everyday living’ threads for further reading.

The one thing I do struggle with is the constant use of anagrams on this site. It does feel to me as if we are supposed to know what all the anagrams are but I find myself getting part way through a post and having to leave it to go find what they mean so I can understand what the poster is talking about. A simple example would be ‘DX’. I know what it is now but It was very annoying when I first came on here as I didn’t have a clue what it stood for and found myself leaving threads from lack of understanding. As human beings it is easy for us to get into something and pick up the terminologies and start using them ourselves and it completely goes out of our mind that newer people may not know what they mean. I have just been on a thread and there was another anagram so I have had a look around to try and find out what it meant…no joy…and now I can’t remember what thread it was on :-/

with respect,

Thanks for your comment. I have been diagnosed nearly 13 years. My major concern when I was diagnosed was “What is it?” (I wasn’t bothered with anything else).


I’m in a similar position anonymous, I first came on here 6 months ago but now feel I can legitimately post on the everyday living board as my diagnosis has been confirmed. I do struggle with the acronyms and jargon sometimes but I have generally found that if I can’t work it out I can reply to the original poster asking them to explain and they’re happy to do so. There’s an awful lot to take on post diagnosis and an awful lot of changes to get used to. Perhaps getting used to the acronyms is just one of those changes?

Im an older mser and have used this site for years, so from now on I promise to explain things fully (plain english) so you newbies understand eg: lp, Lumbar Punch.

We do not want this site to become less inclusive because of terms all do not understand.




Dear (anonymous) - wish you’d say your name. Try and question your doctor or your MS nurse - they’re getting paid for it (or query the person who sent the email - and then tell me as well)!



Hi ,

I found exactly the same thing when I joined. The site is invaluable for advice though. It doesn’t hurt for us all to get a reminder about this from time to time. It drives me potty at work as well. There seems to be a new one to learn every week!

Boo 11

I know what you mean but from my own point of view I do it to save the fingers.

If I am answering a post about benefits for example I get myself into a flux writing everything in full - it’s so much easier to put IB, ESA etc.

There have been a number of posts in the past attempting to make a list of the comon acronyms and abreviations but they’ve never been made “sticky” - I truly don’t believe folk do it to be exclusive it’s just shorthand.

Mods should we have a list that newbies (and old hands) can refer to?


Speaking of acronyms, heard a true account of an awful mistake made over misunderstanding of LOL. Woman texted her son to say that someone close to them had died and ended it with LOL thinking it meant lots of love!

ooeerr! That was an awful mistake…how did they correct themselves?

luv Pollx

Hi, I guess I must be guilty of doing this myself. But what I try to remember is if I am replying to a newbies thread, then Ill use fuller explanations.

My hubby refuses to answer my questions if i use acronyms in conversation…despite the fact that he may already know the meaning!

But when I am tired or feeling off, it saves my precious mental energy!

luv Pollx

Damn fine idea - come on webteam - find that original post with all the explanations and make it a sticky! Or start a new one so newbies can check things out. Such a simple fix!!!