We know what you're doing....!!!!!!! happy2

Dick Turpin

It’s just a piece of scientific research

It’s just a piece of scientific research


Scientific research my a**e !!!

I don't think it mind's arse nervous

wonder why arsenic is okay but not arse

Now I'm confused, it let one arse through but not the other arse, is arsenal okay if arsenic is?


And what is wrong with that poor nightwatchman from Scunthorpe......

Shittake (as in Mushroom)


actually, it's spelt shiitake......sad, I much prefer shitake......

Damn. Thanks for the spell check. Will have to put on my fucking thinking cap for another example. Oops cover blown but wasn't me that started it honest!thumbsup


Yes, I’m pleased with knobhead




As a Christian, I am not really one for using colourful language, but I don't understad why shit, arse, shite, bollocks and wanker are prohibited.  It is often necessary for true expression, and I don't think that anyone would get offended by that. 



Well there you go. Wanker is acceptable. 

I think we'll be okay with wanker and knobhead....whoops happy

Hayley!! Mwah!! I think that arse and shit are mick milder thank wanker. Haha! Gosh I am sooo childish!! xxxxx