The delights of a thermos flask!

Hay gang, One thing that always seems a problem to me is making a mug of tea, then forgetting about it, so it gets cold, so then I heat it in the microwave, take a few sips, forget about it…etc etc etc.

Second thing is that I’m always dropping things and very often that’s a full mug of tea. Carpet stains can testify to the amount of times I’ve done it!

Since I’ve been having builders in () I’ve been making myself a thermos flask of tea in the morning so I can hole up in the bedroom. What a delight it is! Just have to pour a little bit in a cup and so it doesn’t get forgotten and get cold…AND if I drop it it’s not another huge stain.

It’s the small things that make the difference & will keep doing it when builders have finished (will that day ever come?).

Pat xx


Ah Pat, how I love that idea! Reading of your drinks, microwave, forget routine is exactly like mine…I find half full cups all over the house (they’re never half empty) or rather, hubby does.

Fab idea for a flask.

Chris x


Good idea Pat…could have done with that this morning, when I picked up a full cup of coffee (or thought I had) only to see it go flying across the room!! My little yorkie looked at me as much to say ‘what the hell was that all about’. Lol

Have a good weekend, forecast for us is rain (again). Hope the builders are nearly done, and you and Dickie can get back to normal.

Pam x


We have builders in at moment installing a through floor lift now it’s nearly finished I read this. Oh well



I bought a thermos jug, it’s a great invention, much better than a teapot, especially when the feet hurt.

Cath x


After all my enthusiasm for the thermos flask I have now lost the screw top!!! Looked everywhere, even through the rubbish.

Can only hope that it will turn up when the builders leave and life returns to normal.

I am at the stage of wishing I had declined the new kitchen (some of my neighbours did). I know I will feel differently when it’s all done but at the moment it’s getting me down. This morning I actually forgot about it when I got up and then walked into my messy chaotic living room and admit to having a cry.

Was hoping to be able to get the kitchen stuff back in cupboards this weekend but been told I’m not allowed to until ‘The Finishers’ (sounds like something out of Dr Who) have been. They check it is all done properly and safe to use. Also, and helpfully, they wash all cupboards and drawers out.

Only a few more days to go…but it’s been over 2 weeks and I think they could have arranged it better.

Hope everyone is ok and having a nice Saturday. Quite windy here in London.

Love to all,

Pat xx


Oh Pat, its never easy having a new kichen and I hope that flask top turns up. Good luck in it turning up.

Chrissie x


When I got my first flat (1976) it was totally unfurnished and I had no cooker.

Using a camping stove, Thermos, and one saucepan & a fork I produced a spaghetti Bolognaise from scratch. I cooked the spaghetti and put it in the flask. I then washed the saucepan and cooked the ingredients for the sauce. When that was ready I tipped the pasta onto a plate then dumped the sauce on top.

I ate it sitting on a box from my Honda 70.

Happy days



Pat breathe deeply and tell yourself it’ll be lovely when it’s done. I had a new kitchen last year and when they pulled the cupboards and tiles off all the plaster came off the walls too. What started as a little job (tiny kitchen) ended up three times the price as it needed knocking off, boarding and plastering etc before they could even begin the refit, and then it ran on over Easter, so I lived in a hovel for about 5 weeks.

My budget for hit so badly that I still don’t even have tiles, had to cancel them. But it’s so nice having a kitchen I can use with an eye level oven so our dinner isn’t regularly scraped off the floor when the balance lets me down. Bliss!!!

Hope this week sees the end of your chaos!! Take care

Cath x


It will be soon over with Pat,know just how you feel though,just try and focus on the end result.2 weeks is a long time to be upside down.

hope the flask top turns up for you,its so frustrating when you loose something like that.

Try to de stress a bit by eating chocolate.


J x



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