Could I put the lid on? .....noooope!

Apart from the usual ‘ministry of silly walks’ walk( that’s gets worse if I try to speed up ( looking a total pillock), the random veering off into an object, brain ‘freeze’( not the ice cream kind); I’m still carrying on with things. I do need to have a slower day tomorrow as I’ve done too much physically for the last couple of weeks. Today’s bug bearer was…trying to put a screw top lid on my cup. I’ve got a take out style Costa cup. The lid screws on. It’s not a massive screw thread. It’s only about 2 turns. But could I get it on?could I heck. It suddenly became some kind of puzzle! So I sat there looking at my cup thinking ‘how the heck do I get that on!?’ After a few minutes I did it but crikey! It’s just a little brain glitch but I was totally dumbfounded :slight_smile: I may need to get a new cup. Xx

I totally get that Beverly!! Its like dialing up your friend using the television control and not guessing an answer!! Just makes us ever so special all our little oddities !! xxx

OOPS! meant getting an answer x

Haha, that’s a good one lol :wink: might start a thread for funniest glitches here…okay, just for laughs, daftest things we’ve done or not been able to do? Today, mine so far was trying to put the milk in the microwave…instead of the fridge :smiley:

Lol how funny, Today I couldnt find my phone for about an hour…jjust to realise I have actually been using it the whole time using the internet :slight_smile: We are all special :wink: glad my partner wasnt around to see it. Have you worked out the lid yet :wink: xxx

I nearly poured hot water into the open tea caddy once…that would have been one strong cuppa!

Beverley F, think that’s a brilliant idea for a thread, at least we will be able to laugh at ourselves, with out other joining in! But saying that it doesn’t bother me really as I’m normally the one laughing at others miss fortune not nice I know but sometimes you just have to! I’ve put the kettle in the fridge and my mobile in the microwave, with youngest son 22 sat watching, only about 2 weeks of ribbing, but hay ho at least they got a laugh, and I can laugh at myself too.

I put a teabag in my weetabix today

Hahaha, brilliant! We’ve got to laugh haven’t we? I’m not going to be all gloomy about my brain, the things crap and it misfires…if it was a car it’d be scrapped :wink: okay…thread started…

P.s. I gave up on the cup :wink:

its like everything turns into a fisher price toy for babies.

however they are educational and help develop fine motor skills.

ain’t it strange how all the things you learned how to do aged 2 years are now havin to be learned again!

Pigpen…spot on! I’m going to buy myself one of those shapes into the shaped holes thingys…keep me amused for hours! :wink: