Brain and body tired = hot chocolate disaster

It’s not really funny but sat drinking my hot chocolate having a little chuckle. Callum decided he wanted hot chocolate so got the milk heated asked him if he wanted a surprise. (Just whipped cream nothing exciting but to a 5 yr old highly exciting So he wanted a taste of it as it was Asdas not the kind grandma buys. Tried to spray it it wouldn’t spray. So gave it another shake and aimed it at my mouth. Still wasn’t coming out. 2 seconds layer I’d whipped cream over my hair my face and jumper. Gave it a shake before I added it to the mugs and it splattered all over my brown kitchen wall. If anyone had came in they would have wondered what the heck I was up to… Was tidying up thought I’d lost the hot chocolate no I’d just been being todY and put it in the fridge. But ohh it was soooo good. Well worth the mess. Callum thinks I’ve lost the plot

Sounds fun - glad you enjoying. I create chaos without even trying.

Looks like you had a lot of fun!

S*d what anyone thinks! My husband would think all his Christmas’ and birthdays had come at once if he’d walked in on me doing that!

You are doing an amazing job with your little family, keep doing what you are doing!

Freckles xxx

When I tidy round em, I’ve been known to throw important items into my kitchen bin. Doset box…complete with meds. mobile phone, hand cream and many other things. I spend half my life rooting through the kitchen bin Lol

Sounds like you had a fun time

sounds like a 5 yr olds idea of big fun!

you’re a fab mummy!

carole x

Thanks yeah loved it so much so that he needed it again tonight though glad to report it went straight into the mug this time haha No no Jen the story he enjoyed telling grandma and granda was that I hit willow with the brush when sweeping the floor. Not on purpose I promise she sneaked up behind me when u clearing away her mess under highchair lol. I think I got a bigger scare than her. She decided to open her sandwich today and used the mayonnaise as hair gel was pretty funny, she was new out the bath today. X

I saw a picture of Jen’s Eton mess - I’m very jealous. And those cans are very sneaky Em - when I buy one, the nozzle always seems to jump into my mouth for a final squirt once I’m finished with it - expecially the one you get with brandy flavour in it

Sounds like you both had fun - messy fun is always the best.

JBK xx

Lol yeah I get the messy fun I used to work for a food company and we were trying to make uht panna cotta for food service industry so every couple of days we had to bench mark it against m&s, tesco finest, Asda extra special as you can imagine the tasting sessions were such a chore haha.

Yeah not all the fun can be had with a 5 year old Jen lol x