Keep calm and accept the insanity

It was all so innocent. I had a copy of Jamie Oliver’s recipe for hot chocolate. I want to give my daughter Rose hot chocolate and churros on Christmas Eve. Have you ever tried grating 200g of chocolate with the use of one hand?

Anyway, I made the mix but deteriorated into a mess of humanity. I was doing my demented Davros constant circling in the chair and flopping over the side.

I had to take refuge on the chair.

I can’t say bah humbug because our Rose will love the chocolate.


Charbonnel et walker Steve. The finest, authentic French drinking chocolate around. It is pure grated chocolate and comes in an airtight tin. So delicious.

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don’t forget our Jamie has 2 hands, 2 working legs and an army to clean up after him. Sod it, I’d have given up after 100g and eaten the rest.

But you did it :slight_smile: