Only real chips please

Hello good people.

You know how much we have to plan things well in advance and have everything prepared for possible difficulties and mishaps? Well last night I made real chips on the spur of the moment. Indeed it was quite a moment biting into the tastes of all our yesterdays.

But there was spillage. One-handed cooking is not all plain sailing.

Here’s a brief account if you wish to read it:

It’s just nice to know I can be spontaneous. Mess can be cleared up.



i enjoyed reading that! well done you!

i havent made real chips for yonks! i am not safe! fortunately i live a 5 min ‘wheel’ fom my local chippy-which i restrict to one visit a fortnight and one portion is shared between 3!


Quite agree, I hate oven chips!

Oh Steve. So visual as ever.

Love the “evil tubby rascal and sliced it mercilessly”.

Now guess what I really, really want…?

Steve, ace, as usual. (I would put a smiley in, but I’m smiley no mates).

I’ll put two for you!

If I could send a kiss, I would x

Jon and Ponch were the real chips.

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