Let's have a bit of fun

Now, with MS we all have days where we just do things that are totally random. Now, me and friends have been laughing about the daft things we do and everyone agreed let’s start a thread. Now it is just for fun, if you’re not seeing the funny side of your symptoms, don’t join in. But for those that do; this is thread for you :wink: My short circuit today (another one), I’m on the allotment about to water the seedlings and I could not find my watering can. I looked all over the allotment, in the shed, under bushes, anywhere I could think of…and it was in my hand the whole time : s Just for laughs, and sticking my tongue out at MS :slight_smile:

Hi Beverly Recently I was at my brother in laws and he’s going on holiday soon and was asking him if he applied for his passport yet, well in my head that’s what I thought I was asking him. My partner and his brother couldn’t stop laughing and neither could I when they told me what I was saying rather than passport I kept saying “password” Have you applied for your password, you need to make sure you have a password or you can’t fly. His brother was like yeah when I get to the boarding gate I’m sure they will want to see my “password” It was funny and they knew what I was meaning. Their used to me at now having my own unique language with randoms words just thrown there. Polly x

Lol! I can see this being a right laugh. Well apart from the phone incident. Monday I decided to be a good housewife/mother and bake some cakes. Done it all baked them let them cool…then I tried one, first bite tasted lovely then after 2 chews…oh my days what an awful taste so bad I had to wash my mouth out with anything near by! Partner tried one and he was nearly sick! Very puzzled I started looking at my ingredients on the table!!! Ohhhh no I had only used 110g of bicarbonate of soda instead of caster sugar! So bad I can still taste it now Think I will quit doing anything Jo xxx

Haha, pollyb…good one. I’m forever using random words. Think my husband has learned BevSpeak quite well :wink: Jo87… Gross! Bet they were quite unique in taste :wink: haha brilliant. It’s great seeing the funny side :slight_smile: xx

Oh they were unique alright! Even the flies are having a laugh about it :wink: xx

I’ll reiterate - I almost poured hot water into my open tea caddy (that would have been one strong cuppa!) and to add to the baking mishaps, I made a lovely red velvet cake and popped it in the oven. Ten minutes later I realised that I’d completely forgotten to add the flour to the mixture. Luckily, the cake was swiftly removed, flour restored and baked again. Tasted fine (phew!) Another near miss was when I very nearly told my daughter I that we had to hurry up and get ready for school and I had to put her (almost said Salad Cream) on. I told her and now she asks me to put her salad cream on before she goes out in the sun. Giggle giggle.

Hi Everyone,

Great thread Beverly this could go on for ever. However here is one funny incident that happened to me.

I was in the kitchen at breakfast and I put coffee granules into the sugar caddy and milk in my cup. I then poured water in my cup and then spent the next 15 mins wondering where the coffee was.


So pleased to hear that the rest of you do daft things too. My favourite is taking the wrapping off something and putting the item in the bin and being left staring at the wrapping wondering why I have saved it. I also cooked a really nice medley of vegetables a couple of nights ago tp go with our dinner and then mixed them all in with the dog’s meat. Luckily he loves vegetables, unluckily it left none for us.

Aw Robert_C; that’s funny :wink: did you get the coffee out or bin the sugar? Hahaha, deserves top marks :slight_smile: x

Aw Tinga! Hahaha, brilliant. Now, doesn’t if feel good to know you’re not alone in doing daft stuff? Today, I nipped to the allotment to water the plants, the first thing I do is unlock the shed. After I finished I spent ages looking for the padlocks to lock the shed again…they were still attached to the shed. Doorways are not good for me today…bumped into them 4 times today. Bruised arms : s

Hi Beverly,

I got the coffee out

Robert x.