You know you've got MS when.......

A few years ago we had a lot of fun with completing the above sentence. We have many more people now who were not on this forum then and it was such fun I thought we could do it again. Following on with Hazel’s thread let’s have a laugh. My answer was this; You know you’ve got MS when…you climb a flight of stairs and can’t get down again!

You know you got MS when…you wake up lovely, full of life, deciding to treat yourself to some retail thereapy, get in car, drive, go in 1 shop, get nothing for you, have to come home knackered and have a lay down haha

…you no longer need to drink a bottle of wine to be banging into door frames and toppling over!

Doctor starts patting you on the back, and saying: “Good luck!”, instead of the usual professional imaptience. You think: “Uh-oh, I think I’ve collected something serious.”


When what you want to say, comes out as something totally different!

When your little niece can do more things in the ‘what your baby should be doing at 9 months’ section of the baby book, than you can sometimes manage!

Hi Pat,

Think I started that thread originally with two things i noticed. (I loved the all the answers )

You put a plaster on your finger and it doesn’t feel any different when touching things.

You have one glass of wine and it feels like you’ve drunk a bottle!

It’s good to be able to laugh at yourself.

Jen x

You know you got ms when you inject yourself (with dmd’s) infront of a mortified guest without battering an eye.

And when you can’t type: “impatience”…

When the shallow friends walk out the door and you gain friends that will stick with you through thick and thin.


When you ask questions about downstairs toilets.

When getting out of bed in the morning you walk like a new born Bambi.

When you have more mobility aids in your house than the average geriatic home

When dealing with your bowel is like having a demanding and capricious duchess to stay as a permanent house guest.

when your 6yr old niece asks you if ur a old fogey coz you need crutches to walk

…despite 2 builders working around your home for 4 days u still cant remember their names! i asked thrice in the first hour-blank. they became known as 1 sugar and 2 sugar! weird how i could remember what they took in their coffee but not their names. maybe it was the barista in me (loved that job!)

ellie x

When you have to use a zimmer frame to stand up to get out of bed, oh joy!!! Still it gives you first place in the loo queque, he, he.



When your 80 year old neighbour asks you if you need any shopping!!


When your that numb you daren’t do the natural thing icase you poop yourself :frowning:

When it’s not just your babies nappy that needs changing so sad and very wrong but lol is the only way