You know you've got MS when.......

When your downstairs neighbour says she knows when you’re home cos she can hear you dropping stuff on the kitchen floor…

PatB x

Dealing with eople asking why you use a stick!

Hi When you memorise most toilet stops possible When you tell yourself to walk through the door not straight into it ! Or is that just me ! Hope x

You know you have MS when: You go to the Opticians wondering why you can’t see and them telling you ure eyesight is great

… when you forget what the microwave is called, so you call it the magic box that goes ping. :slight_smile:

You know you have MS when… your feet used to get cold in bed, but now you can’t feel the b***ers anyway so you don’t care


Lol know that one mad cat lady. When the stairs look like and you know they are gonna feel like a bloody mountain even when sober.

And when you some how put the same post twice once anon and once not lol. ?! When you used to be able to touch type at speed

You know you have MS when the ground keeps coming up to meet you - and then you realise oh no I’m falling again

:-/ Mary

When you arrive in the pub more drunk than any of the regulars but you haven’t spent a penny.

when you find yourself in the bedroom with your hands full of dirty dishes instead of the kitchen…

When you wake up on Sunday morning cant see out of one eye have no sensation in one arm and every joint in your useless body feels like its on fire

When you put the weetabix in the fridge instead of the cupboard

When your 3 year old asks why are you wobbly

When you get out of bed, have a shower then have to go back to bed to recover

Its not MS, but SP, in my case, but its when just going for a wee, makes you feel youve just done an hours work out in the gym, with the toughest and meanest trainer.

luv Pollx

when you trip over something when there wasn’t even anything there

When you put something in the oven to cook, Then go back to take it out , only to discover you forgot to Turn the oven on in the first place.

when your cat walks faster than you then turns around and screams at you to hurry up

funny, my nickname is pan burner, last year i went thru 13 saucepans as i keep forgetting im cooking and burn the pans to hell n back