naughty but nice but sickly (not ms)


following on from rambling about easter eggs, i bought 4 cadbury’s cream eggs (one each for me, hubby and 2 sons).

i ate one then we had a really tiny tea and i was still hungry so me and hubs had another egg.

now that’s enough to make anybody feel sick but i had a massive sneeze and chocolate came down my nose!

son came in and asked “how the hell did you do that?” he thought it was a substance that belongs at the other end.

dreading taking my tecfidera later.

carole x

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OMG!’ve had the milk coming out of my nose thing, but never chocolate. +1 for that one, Carole! Actually, +2 for managing to gross your son out too.

On a related note, creme eggs are naff now, aren’t they! When I was at primary school I remember the chocolate being so thick that you had to saw your way through it with your teeth, and you got a decent amount of yolk! Not the tiny wisp that you get now.

Talking about too much chocolate. How about this;

I didnt get an easter egg this year and was blooming miffed!

Asked hubby to go to local supermarket to get me one. He came back with a box of Roses, saying there were no eggs left.

Not happy!

Swapped it with granddaughter for her egg. Happy now.

What`s for tea?

I had a bowl with 2 mini magnums, half a cadbury`s egg, and 3 mini orio biccies. Stuffed with choccy now!