strange ramblings (not ms)

why does chocolate taste better when it is shaped like an egg?

i bought a few last week when they were cheap.

i don’t usually eat much chocolate (unless it’s at least 75% cocoa solids) but knowing there was a maltesers egg hidden away - well i cracked and the egg is gone.

now i can take my tecfidera on a full stomach!

carole x


This is why we love you sweetie - you make the rest of us look normal by comparison

JBK xxxxx

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Are you trying to imply that I’m normal?! How very dare you!

But I think Carole’s thinking is perfectly normal. I’ve already determined that some chocolate, possibly of the egg variety, will be bought and consumed this weekend. And I gave up chocolate except for little bits of very high cocoa content after dinner. So I feel that it’s at this one sacred time of year when we are almost required to forgo diets, sensible chocolate consumption and join in the rest of the country in overeating cheap chocolate (or expensive chocolate, the choice is open). That surely is the point of celebrating the resurrection of the Easter bunny this weekend. Or that’s how I understand it.


no sweetie - I wouldn’t dare malign your weirdness - its just normal in comparison to Carole - from whom I’ve seen lots of messages on Facebook and she is a bit … special!!

JBK xx

There is something special about easter eggs choc :smiley:

Another strange thing… why do crinkle cut chips taste better than straight :S ?


They do taste better maybe it’s because they have more edges to soak up fat , anyway back too eggs I have a bunny waiting to have his ears bitten off but not till Sunday my husband tells me , still it’s my 50 th birthday tomorrow so I am expecting cake and something fizzy .

Happy easter too you all


Lindt bunnies. Mmmmm yes…

Mini Eggs. Not the cheap generic variety though…

Happy bday for tomorrow tiggerjones47

But what about triangle sandwiches compared to normal… sorry but no difference in fat there :wink:


i agree that triangular sandwiches are better.

perhaps because they look posh.

carole x

Yes yes posh :slight_smile: