My MS and me are in the "dog house" !

This morning my amazing wife had time before work to make me a coffee for me to drink in bed. Brilliant

In trying to move my petulant body into a position to drink without dribbling all over the place , one of the limbs that works was flailing around and launched the cup of hot coffee in a spinning arc impersonating a Catherine wheel of brown liquid all over the floor, walls furniture and the pile of clothes I had “carefully” dumped at bed time.

Happy days. my wife heard the commotion and wondered if the cat was once again tap dancing (claws akimbo) on my groin.

This is when my MS makes me incandescent with rage, my wife knows I did not do this deliberately but here must be a little part of her that wants to scream “not again - I did not mean to sign up for this”

The point of this post is to thank all “other / better halves / partners / spouses / loved ones” for their help and support and not exploding even when it would be reasonable.




Hi, I wake up slowly and it takes a short while till I can sit up and open my eyes fully.

Hubby always brings my brekkie on a tray in to me.

He plonks my tray down a bit haphazardly, but one morning, I wasnt even awake and he shouted out Come on. Breakfast!

He didnt wait for me to get ready. The tray had a bowl of bran flakes and my movicol and a cuppa.

As I moved, the tray slid and I was bathed in boiling hot tea!

Oh did it chuffin sting! I screamed, the dog jumped and hubby was startled too.

Not had any hot drinks in bed since!


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Poll Sorry to hear that you no longer get cuppa any more, but I am glad it is not just me !

I see the stain on the carpet and it annoys me - not the end of the world but still irritating.

Cheers Mick

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You should see the stains on our carpets!

Coffee, urine, cat sick, acrylic paint, tea, more urine, oil pastels, more cat sick, glue & cigarette burns. And that’s just on the ‘Welcome’ mat.

I highly recommend the Vax Carpet Cleaner. I’m hoping they’ll sponsor me for a promotional video.

And get the bloody cat fixed.