Today was going quite well until husband [the work from home/house husband] decided to phone me at work and vent about my inadequacies as a housekeeper/pet owner/human in general - he is handling the possibility of my having MS far worse than I am. Fighting the urge to scream KHAAAAN at the top of my lungs in the office right now (I’m a Trekkie - it’s how we handle these things).

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I hope you told him his house husband duties fall below standard, after all what kind of house husband needs a housekeeper

Did you manage to scream on the way home so as not to damage his ears when you got home

Deep breaths…?

Jan x

I’m with jan. What sort of house husband doesn’t clean up?!? I work reduced hours and do most of the cleaning so surely a house husband could do similar?!?. Deep breaths, live long and prosper and all that :slight_smile:

I have a theory if you don’t dust for two weeks it never gets any worse…but I live alone and don’t move about too much

Jan x

Hi All,

House husbands are great !!! I’ve been one for a few years now.

The electric/water consumption has gone down, I’am getting rebates on my meters, savings everywhere.

All I do is polish/hoover/laundry and the odd moving the odd bit of furniture, what more can a guy do !!!

And I have time to collapse on the sofa, just when the wife the comes in and say “OH, POOR YOU, BEEN WORKING HARD !!”

Heaven !! Regards, Andy

Theresa, I sympathise. My hubby phoned me with the great responsibility of writing an envelope and posting a Very Important bit of paperwork. I wrote it, put a stamp on it (from my wallet) and took it with me on the school run…past not one but two postboxes, and again on the way home. It poured down and the letter got rather damp.

He knows my short term memory is faulty. I did try! Still got grumbled at. Why didn’t he do it himself, I wonder? Anyway, the dried-out but slightly crumpled thing finally got into the postbox today. I love strategically placed Post-it notes!

It is difficult at times to remember that one of the pair isn’t quite working as well as they used to. I used to take the fallout of these memory failures quite hard - well, some days I still do, but I’m getting better at forgiving both myself and him and getting on with things (armed with a fresh block of sticky notes and a trusty kitchen chalk board).

You have to find a new rhythm between you and do your best to help the other to understand. I’m still working on it but I think I respond more calmly now to ‘You could at least hoover once a week.’ Some weeks I can. Others, its too much. (Bagless hoovers with more powerful suction sound great until you try to empty them…)

Jan - I agree with your theory!

Mick and Andy - you guys have earned brownie points :wink: My hubby gets points for keeping the loos bleached, the lawns mowed (well, near enough) and doing the shopping, but he works long hours five days a week. I wish I could afford a cleaner for 2 hours a week…

Now there’s a thought, maybe every other week. I’ve made an enquiry!

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