The church mice part 6

The Church mice part 6

The Polar bears started to stir.

Is it spring time the Polar bears growled ?

No ! We were wondering when we will be allowed into the new club Tiddles meowed.
And we also have a lots of lost and missing mice that were already inside the building.
We have lost mice everywhere.
We have mice locked in
We have mice locked out.

You have to help us.

Well to be honest I can’t the polar bears growled.
We’re locked out ourselves just like you lot.
We paid all these robots to work and now they won’t work.
Then they locked us out as well.
Have you fed them or paid them Tiddles enquired.

I don’t pay them I own them the polar bear replied.
I brought them in an Iceland supermarket, they were on special offer.
Buy one get twenty free.

Well there your answer they need to be refrigerated Tiddles meowed.

Have you seen a Mouse Tiddles asked.

What’s his name the polar bear growled.

Anony ~ Anony mouse Tiddles meowed.

Oh that sounds like Unauthorised 403

Try the back door ~ up the stairs ~ or you could try the lift.

Tiddles went round to the back door and went in.
She went straight to the top of the building.
Suddenly she heard a squeak from the roof.

Mr Mouse where have you been she meowed.

On the roof Mr Mouse squeaked.
It’s a wonderful view ~ you can see for smiles.


So glad you have finally got the chance to see the view Mr Mouse. And give Tiddles a pat for me… :smiley:

Bear~Linda (but not of the Polar variety)

Youve finally got in, up and surveyed the view. What doth thee think now your collecting your breath. What a bloomin adventure, is there more to come?

Luv bren