The Church Mice part 4

From Anonymouse (who is STILL in exile) The story so far: Tiddles and Mr Mouse had tried to enter the new club but faced with insurmountable problems with revolving doors they had given up and returned to the sanctuary of the old church. They held a reunion party with all the disaffected mice and many were concerned that the old sanctuary the church would be demolished. Tiddles and Mr Mouse had entered the glass tower and made their way in a lift to floor 403 which was occupied by polar bears in dark glasses and gelled fur. It turned out the polar bears were robots. They then went on to the top of the glass tower to see the boss cat. Mr Mouse went missing and Tiddles returned to the sanctuary by herself. The Church mice part 4 Tiddles woke up and she looked around the bed but Anonymouse was not there. She had been so busy organising the sanctuary cats and church mice into an action group she had completely forgotten about Anony. Getting all the cats and mice to co-operate had taken more time than she noticed and she was getting concerned that Mr Mouse had not come back home or to the sanctuary of the old church. All the cats now had sunglasses and saddles so the mice could ride into town in safety and comfort. The Motability cats were all organised and ready to march. Tiddles made her way back towards the glass tower by herself. She had to find Mr Mouse. When she got to the glass tower she could see it was still leaning over slightly and the polar bears were still looking out of the windows motionless on floor 403. As she approached she saw the foyer full of baby fur seals. She remembered the power was off and it was obvious that the freezer was no longer working. The baby fur seals had escaped and were now congregating in the entrance foyer and they were surrounded by mice. Help us find our place in the club the mice squeaked. The fur seals could not help ~ we are like fish out of water ourselves they cried. Talking of fish, we are hungry ~ and why were we taken prisoner in the first place ? The management didn’t know that robotic polar bears had no need for fur seals as they didn’t eat. Tiddles came in to the building. Password ! the door dog barked. Tiddles refused to answer, she was looking for Mr Mouse. One of the fur seals rolled over and pointed it flippers towards the sky. HEAVEN !!! ? Tiddles shrieked. ! ! ! No, the roof silly ~ he got stuck up there and decided to stay as a protest. I don’t know Tiddles exclaimed ~ that mouse is so much trouble. I had better go and get some help and reinforcements. Tiddles left the building squinting to see if she could see Anonymouse on top of the building. She would have to get help if this was going to end up without tears. Tiddles made her way back to the sanctuary. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Will the fur seals get back home. Will the robot polar bears ever work again ? Will Mr Mouse ever come down ? Will the mice ever have access to the club ? We will have to wait and see.


You’re never too much trouble Mr Mouse :slight_smile: Kx

Anonymouse and Tiddles are STILL in exile Need to keep their story alive 'til they can be rescued :wink: V