Error 303 access denied; A tale/tail by Anonymouse and Tiddl

As some of you will know Anonymouse and Tiddles can’t get access to this new forum :cry: Here is their story… in their words… of the struggle so far… Error 303 access denied; A tale… tail by Anonymouse and Tiddles. Tiddles stretched and arched her back with her paws reaching out as far as they would go. With a shake and a twitch she was up on her feet. Good morning Tiddles squeaked Mr Mouse. Morning Mousey she yawned. How about we go and check out that new club in the high street. What the "M’ultiple "S"queaks place ? Do you think they will let us join ? I hear it’s members only. We can get in were a team he squeaked. OK let’s go. They made their way down to the club and knocked at the door. You have to register the doorman barked. That’s OK Tiddles & Mr Mouse replied in unison. Just through that door and down the corridor. He held open the door and they made their way to the registration booth. Password ! the registrar barked out loud. Tiddlemouse they both replied in unison. OK now you have to go out and come in again. Tiddles and Mr Mouse made their way out through the back door and came round to the front of the club. The doorman stood in the door blocking there way. You have to register he barked. We’ve done than already the both replied. OK what’s your password? Tiddlemouse they both replied in unison. OK through you go. They passed through the door into another room which had a sign saying Error room 303 access denied log out and come back in again, and the back door to the street opened before them. They made there way round to the front door where the doorman stood guard. Password he barked. Tiddlemouse they both replied in unison. OK in you go. The same bright white carpet and walls greeted them for the second time. By Now Tiddles had eye strain and her eyes had been reduced to slits. It’s a bit bright and brash in here; I wonder who designed the decor Tiddles meowed. I don’t know but I don’t like it very much it’s rather unsettling isn’t it. Mr Mouse immediately pulled out a pair of sunglasses and chewed them in half. Half for you and half for me and we can cover up one of our eye and close the other eye he suggested. That’s crazy Tiddles meowed. Yes squeaked Mr Mouse but were here now so let’s go in. They both entered the establishment squinting through one eye and the other closed. Tiddles was desperately trying to hold half a pair of sunglasses over her eye with a single paw whilst hopping along on the other three legs and the other eye closed. I think we’ve been here before cant you see the sign. ACCESS DENIED !!! Please go out and come in again. You know what Mousey ~ I think we should go home. So they did and settled down to some cheese for Mr Mouse and a nice piece of fish for Tiddles. I don’t know if I want to be a member of a club where it’s so hard getting in. Nor do I Tiddles meowed much nicer to stay at home and speak to the people we know. And they lived happily ever after and the club went bust in a month. They saw the doorman in an alleyway a week latter looking down on his luck and glum in his face. What happened with the club? People complained that they didn’t like the decor and getting in and out was like passing through a revolving door Never mind you can come home with us and join our club if you like. What’s it called this club of yours the doorman dog asked? NOT VERY BRIGHT they both replied in unison. From Tiddles & Mr Mouse They will contiue to attempt a ‘LOGON’ as soon as the media team can sort things out, until then they are having a virual sit in, Please post your comments below and I will pass them on V